13 10 2009

This site is more or less complete as it stands. This will be the last post for a while. I hope that what you find here will be useful to you.

Enjoy your stay.



16 06 2009

The Geocities version of this site has been removed by Geocities. Just as well that I transferred.

The episode summaries had to be retrieved form the DEPTHS of the Samurai 7 LJ community, but that’s okay. They will be uploaded sequentially.

EK 8 )

update 2

27 04 2009

Pages under “other info” have been added. These include character age estimates, movie variations, explanations of titles and honorifics, and them fandom code numbers.

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update 1

26 04 2009

Character pages are now added. I’ll link to them individually tomorrow, but each page is accessible for now from the sidebar.

If anyone has screencaps for the minor characters (Honoka, Tessai, etc.), comment please.

Hello world!

25 04 2009

Irrasshaimase! Welcome to one of the few English sites available for the anime Samurai 7 . I hope it will be useful to you.

This is where I will be moving the Geocities site, in anticipation of the shutdown.

Some of the info from the old site (such as art links) I will take down, as they are probably no longer accurate. I will keep the character ramblings, the episode summaries, and the basic information pages. I think it will be useful to someone somewhere, despite Samurai 7 being around for a few years already.

Kome ga tabetai!

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