what is Samurai 7

In a dystopian world, farmers in poor villages still till the lands with
crude tools, while mechanized samurai take up the tribute in a very steel-bound capital. Many mechanical samurai are now bandits called Nobuseri. Other human and mechanical samurai have decided to wander masterless. The divide between the samurai class, the merchant class, and the farmer class is incredibly obvious in the technological discrepancies.

A lowly village decides to take action against the cruelty by Nobuseri, and
sends out 3 farmers to find a samurai willing to be their protector in exchange for rice, since they have nothing else to offer. They do find one who takes up the challenge, but he wants another 6 samurai to go with him!


Samurai 7 is a loose adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s movie Seven Samurai, about seven ronin who agree to defend a village against very tough odds. VERY loose: the last 10 episodes are no longer part of the original movie story, Shichiroji is a cyborg, Heihachi is a mechanic, and Kikuchiyo is more robot than man. It is also one of Gonzo’s most ambitious projects to date, with a per-episode budget that breaks all records for anime production budgets. It has the record for being the first anime made intentionally for High-Definition television.

People have criticized that, both as an adaptation and as an anime, Samurai 7
leaves much to be desired. The animation quality fluctuates throughout the
series and for each episode. Only a few characters get major character
development in the entire series. And the mecha that fills the story are not
thoroughly explained.

Nonetheless, for all its faults, Samurai 7 is worth your time. The adaptation is
respectful all throughout. In its best moments, your jaw will drop at the sheer
beauty of it all. It will make you love the seven samurai, for their individual
traits. Just for that, it deserves at least a look-see.


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