kirara71Kirara is a young woman with a major responsibility on her shoulders. She is the current water maiden, the one who holds the water crystal, which leads the village to new sources of water. She is pretty much the priestess for her village. She therefore took it upon herself to look for the samurai to help Kanna Village against rampaging Nobuseri.

I have heard Kirara called names, some quite nasty ones. None of which I think the young lady deserves.

She is braver than many others, without being impractical. She knows what she is capable of doing, and she knows when to call for help. She is almost like the princess of her village, but she does not act like a diva. It takes a special kind of girl to still keep a level head while:  (1) worrying about a whole village, (2) running around to avoid danger, (3) trying to track how much rice gets eaten, (4) recruiting samurai, (5) falling head over heels for one samurai, not knowing what to do about the other samurai, (6) keeping a little sister safe and alive.

One of the biggest puzzles in the story is: when exactly does Kirara feel infatuation, and when does she feel true love? We are never sure. Probably, she is not sure about that either, and she is still sorting things out.

We do wish she would hurry up and make up her mind.


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