komachi5For the record, Komachi is a girl. A future Water Maiden, like Kirara. The confusion is probably because of several things. You can’t immediately tell from her clothes or hair if she’s a girl. Also, she talks more like a smart-alecky boy.

While most of the group looks to Kanbei, Komachi’s favorite samurai is Kikuchiyo. To her, the big guy is both her father figure and her playmate. Kiku, for his part, likes indulging her by putting her on his shoulders. She would probably be more miserable with the constant danger and moving about if not for him. She also gravitates toward Katsushiro (who she knows likes her sister) and Heihachi (who gives lollipops).

I’m not sure what there really is to say about her. Despite her being very nosy and tactless sometimes, I actually like her. She’s a little girl (unlike Okara, in whom I’m not really sure if she’s a girl or an old woman in a girl’s body….). She’s acting like a little girl. But as far as little girls go, she’s braver than many.

It is true she went with her sister to go samurai-hunting, out of curiosity to see the wide world. But when things got tough, she never asked to go home. She never seriously acted like a brat. And she never caused trouble, complaining that she won’t do this or that because it was gross. That is what I expected of a girl her age, and she proved to be a girl of stronger stuff. A lot like her sister.


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