Minor characters

Yukino — One of the top courtesans of Firefly House (an inn and tea house), and Shichiroji’s, erm, girlfriend. (She is not a geisha — she ties her obi in front. And they are not married, she said so.) Responsible for, literally, keeping Shichiroji alive. Aside from the semi-offish demeanor necessary for the job, she is very warm and concerned for her guests and “Momotaro”‘s friends.

Honoka — Some people dislodged by Nobuseri stay at the territory of the Shikimoribito. One of them is Honoka, trying to look for her little sister who was carried to the capital. She’s quiet, really sweet and kind.

Mizuki — Honoka’s sister that got carried off. She is nice herself, and talks more than her sister.

Sanae — Rikichi’s wife, but she was taken away by Nobuseri to the capital. Unless our heroes do something, the pretty lady is stuck there for life.

Okara — The little heckler, Komachi’s friend with the hat and a baby doll slung over her back. She knows more gossip than a girl her age should, and has more understanding about relationships than most of the adults in the series.

Manzo — Shino’s father and the one most against the arrival of the samurai.

Shino — The girl with the boyish hairdo and hat, who tries to keep her father Manzo in line.

Gisaku — The village elder, who wanted to recruit the samurai.

Masamune — Kikuchiyo’s mechanic, who fixes him up every so often. He also helps the rest of the group whenever he can.

Tessai — The right-hand man to Ukyo’s father, and by relationship also Ukyo. He obeys almost without question, and is quite as heartless as his bosses.

Hyougo — Kyuuzo’s original partner, both being the main bodyguards for Ukyo’s father.

Ayamaro — Ukyo’s adoptive father, a rich merchant who works his people to death, quite literally. He’s quite a cowardly person, that’s why he surrounds himself with bodyguards like Hyougo and Kyuuzo.

Amanushi-sama — The emperor in the story.

Shikimoribito — These are real people, former samurai, who decided to retire and just live as farmers. To maintain relative anonymity, they wear robes that cover their whole body and face. They have an underground cave city all to themselves. As long as they bring goods to the capital, they are pretty much left alone. Why they like hanging from the ceiling still eludes me, though. Being former samurai, Shikimoribito are inherently helpful people, and on the side of good.


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