episode 02

Episode 2 — Eat!

Kikuchiyo goes to Masamune’s place (a typical blacksmith work area) to have his head fixed, saying he got into a big fight with a samurai.

The farmers lose Kanbei in the crowd. They move as a carriage passes. Inside are Ukyo and Tessai. Ukyo notices Kirara, and notes how pretty she is despite Tessai’s reminders that she is a farmer. Ukyo says that she is an ore that will shine once polished. Tessai offers to get her, but Ukyo says to move on for now.

Katsushiro tracks “Yoshichika Toshizaemon “, and asks to be a disciple, essentially saying the man is the ideal samurai he has been looking for to teach him. He finally gives his name as Shimada Kanbei, and tells him to try others for what he wants. The farmers meet the two as well.

The farmers tell the story about their Nobuseri problem, show the rice and give the offer. Katsu offers to go. He doesn’t know what he’ll do but he’ll help. Komachi tells what Kirara said about him being a greenhorn. He agrees, but still offers to help out somehow. Rikichi gratefully bows to him. As for Kanbei, he says that all he knows is to lose battles, and now is a lifeless shell living in disgrace. He tells Kirara, as the water maiden, to hit better water elsewhere.

In a big hall, the Imperial messenger congratulates Ayamaro for Kougakyo’s compliance with the capital’s demands. We get a fast first glimpse of Kyuzo. Ayamaro makes rousing speeches for the group leaders to do better business. Finding it boring, Ukyo leaves the meeting to go to that room of his full of pretty women. He asks Tessai if the pretty farmer girl had been found.

Katsu gets to eat a heapful of rice, while the farmers eat rice soup (firefly rice).

The next day, the farmers continue the search for samurai, but still get nothing. Some ronin flatly refuse, while others eat a bowful of rice then leave them. People tell them to give up.

Ukyo hears reports about the farmers looking for rice. Ukyo meets with Kirara in town, armed with a bouquet of flowers, and asks for her name, saying it’s really pretty. He says he knows a strong samurai and acts on his behalf. Tessai then moves in and knocks her unconscious. She drops the water crystal.

Katsu looks for Kirara in town, and finds the crystal on the ground.

Komachi runs into Kikuchiyo again. She takes Kiku back with her and feeds him…..and he eats a lot. Mechanical samurai or not, he does agree to help them. Katsu comes back and shows the crystal, now suspecting something wrong. People tell him she was probably brought “there”, Ayamaro’s mansion.

Ukyo takes Kira back home with him in the carriage, piling on the flowery words, asking her to quit the farmer life and live with him.

Kiku and Katsu run after the carriage, Kiku accusing Katsu of not being good enough to protect her right. They find the carriage and manage to get back Kirara. But Ukyo has bodyguards, and they start an attack. For all their bravado, neither mechanical nor rookie samurai are successful in keeping the guards at bay. Katsu tells Kirara to run for it.

Kirara runs to the sewers, with 2 guards behind her, but she runs into a VERY steep drop. She sees Kanbei walking below, and jumps. Kanbei just manages to see her fall, and jumps to catch her. They drop to an elevator which Kanbei brakes with his sword to a bearable stop on the ground. She knew he would save her. Kanbei has a very sad look on him, seeing her full trust.


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