episode 04

Episode 4 — Let’s go! / I’m coming to attack!

Gorobei sits down and makes a bet with the attackers: try to hit him with one arrow shot. The arrow guy, irritated, raises the stakes to 5 arrows. Gorobei agrees: If any arrow hits, he gives his head. If all arrows miss him, all of them go free. Of course Kiku protests: are we leaving our fate to that crazy guy?! But Gorobei successfully catches ALL 5 arrows. The attack starts again. Kikuchiyo tries to help by jumping in but delays things. Katsushiro stays with the civilians. The building begins to collapse around them, and they move out. Meanwhile, Kanbei takes down the arrow guy, and Gorobei takes down claw guy. Gorobei gives Kiku a short whack with his sword about making matters worse by helping.

When all the dust clears, they’re left with the debris of a collapsed buidling. Kiku offers to clean up (wrapping a kerchief over his head). Kirara says they’ll still go and find the 7 samurai. Masamune offers his place as a base for now. Samurai should help each other.

Kyuzo is formally introduced, practising. When he stops, Ukyo tells him about the failed attack by their 2 henchment. Tessai brings 2 girls, but Ukyo rejects them, still asking about Kirara. Tessai reminds him again of the class difference.

Ayamaro has a meeting the imperial messenger and Hyougo. Kyuzo and Ukyo join them, Ukyo demanding to get the farmer girl. The imperial messenger reminds Ukyo again: samurai and farmers have their place, follow merchant laws. Ukyo taunts, so why are those samurai and farmers (our gang) still alive? Ukyo then offers the job to Hyougo, but Ayamaro won’t let him do it, even if he knows Hyougo and Kyuzo are 2 strong samurai. The imperial messenger suggests getting Nobuseri, former human samurai who turned mechanical and are still loyal to the capital. But Ukyo won’t have it.

Shikimoribito come to pay respects. Essentially, just to introduce them to the audience.

While at a fountain, Kirara waves her water crystal and says the ears of corn are bowing down (the deadline is nearing). Katsu talks with Kirara about the crystal. She says it’s handed over the generations, and shows her mind. She can see things through water. She could always feel the outside world through the crystal. Still, she liked the chance of getting out of the village and seeing the outside world herself, and meeting Kanbei — no, she means, everybody. She saw things she wouldn’t in the village even if it was dangerous.

While they talk, a large vehicle speeds by, and Katsu saves them both from a run-over accident just in time. The two end up in each other’s arms. They separate with embarassment, but Katsu does not let go of her hand. He promises her: I will never let go of this hand again.

The two send a letter by post back to Kanna village. But the post office has a stool pigeon, and tells someone to inform the lord.

Gorobei keeps checking surroundings with Rikichi and sees Kyuzo approach. Behind him are Hyougo and Tessai.

Komachi is mad at Kanbei for bullying Kikuchiyo, but Kanbei only says that each one has his own way of living. Masamune compliments Kanbei on his sword, saying it seems like Kanbei is read to fight any time — does he want to fight in another war so badly? Kanbei says that once you start killing people, the souls of departed people possess you, and make you keep fighting.

The gang still has no luck with new recruits. Katsu relates that he felt someone staring at them. He’s actually right: Kyuzo tracks Katsu and Kirara.

The 2 teenagers meet Kanbei in a open area, but Kanbei addresses the immediate area, asking if he’s a samurai. Kyuzo shows himself and goes to Kanbei’s level. The 2 samurai start sizing each other and readying for a fight, introducing themselves. Kanbei wants to talk to him as a samurai. Kyuzo just draws his swords and starts to look so cool. The fight begins, and the fighters are evenly matched. Kanbei says he loves his technique and gives the offer, but Kyuzo declines with a slash.

The fight ends with a draw. Kanbei tells Kyuzo he can’t win over him, but asks Kyuzo to let him live until he finishes something he must do. Either that, or slash him now. Kyuzo raises the sword to really slash him, but Kiku arrives and attacks, as Kanbei swipes off one of Kyuzo’s swords. Kyuzo takes back his sword and walks away, saying he lost the spirit (to kill Kanbei). He says he’ll see him someday.

Kanbei smiles. He wants him.


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