episode 11

Episode 11 — They’ve come! / Here we come!

Gorobei, Heihachi, Kyuzo, and Rikichi stay and keep watch, while Katsushiro, Kikuchiyo, Kanbei, Shichiroji and the girls ride a smelly bale of hay into Kanna Village.

But when everybody gets there, the village is deserted!

Kirara runs in one direction to see the elder. Komachi goes another direction and runs into her friend Okara. Okara explains that the villagers are afraid of the samurai. Manzo started to make trouble, warning about the samurai. He forced his daughter Shino to hide with the other village girls in their secret storehouse along with their rice. Kiku comes around and asks Okara to lead them there. Okara calls him Komachi’s servant.

Kirara returns and tells the samurai they are to meet with the elder. Kiku goes with the little girls to the storehouse. He opens the storehouse with almost no difficulty.

The elder explains to the samurai about the Nobuseri making them fearful. He tells them that the Nobuseri have been told about their eventual arrival. Kiku comes loudly with rice and Shino on one shoulder, proudly declaring he can read their minds like a book. He says Nobuseri won’t forgive any village that defies them, but since the samurai have arrived, there’s no problem anymore.

The sisters report to their elder, and she reminisces of many good samurai before in her younger days. Elsewhere, Rikichi is still bitter about being found in a kimono, and being teased by Kiku in front of the samurai. He runs out of the hut.

Manzo is caught by Kyuzo walking out of the village alone. Manzo says he will just inspect his field, but Kyuzo cuts up his lantern, saying the fight has begun. Shino saw it.

The village girls gush about Katsu, and peer at him outside the hut. Katsu is plainly annoyed, and shuts the window. But he is surprised by the little girls behind him, at the door. Okara with her sarcastic grin calls him a lady killer, but one who doesn’t watch his back and would be killed easily.

The villagers are collected in the main square and made to face the samurai. Kanbei gives them the plans and confirms the current status. The samurai are given assignments. Heihachi is in charge of weapons. Roji will do what he always does (whatever that is). Kyuzo will start training the farmers. Katsu is in charge of foot patrol, not letting any enemy scout get through. Kanbei assures them they will be able to ward off the Nobuseri. The villagers are at first reluctant to respond, but the elder starts the cries, and it is carried by the rest.

Manzo with 2 others secretly talk about asking mercy from the Nobuseri. But Kiku runs into them, having overhead them, and says things about being a commander and not letting such talk pass.

Kirara is met by the village girls at the river and asked about the samurai. She says they are all very strong and reliable, especially Kanbei (this girl is a hopeless case….). But the girls want to know about the young good-looking samurai. Essentially, all she says is that Katsu is nice, but nothing special. The girls ignore her lack of enthusiasm. So his name is Katsushiro, wai!!

Preparations begin. Kanbei asks about wood and water sources, while Kyuzo has trouble teaching archery. Roji is already creating fortifications. While surveying, Kanbei and Gorobei talk about having to take down the bridge, even to the detriment of the lots of 3 farmers. Manzo overhears them.

When Roji asks where they can get a lot of scrap metal, the little girls lead Roji into a place with an old wrecked battleship. The girls are then told to fetch Heihachi.

Manzo gets into a fight with Shino about being cut off during the attack (Manzo owns one of the lots to be cut off). Shino’s opinion is that it’s alright to lose their property if the village is saved, but her father won’t have it. He says he will turn them over to the Nobuseri.

Katsu is armed with a small flower, and waits where he expects Kirara to pass by. But Shino meets her first, and tells Kirara of her dad’s plans to betray the village. By now Katsu is behind a tree. Kirara says she will handle it. Knowing he’s there, she asks him if he heard. She orders him to ask for help. The poor boy crumples his flower and runs off.

Hei approves of the pile of scrap metal, and with a grin asks Kiku for his help. Kiku happily agrees. Hei spreads out engineering plans for a catapult or cannon.

Manzo meets with the head of the Nobuseri. Katsu, Shino, and Kirara, watch them for a short distance. Suddenly Katsu goes berserk and attacks the leader. When the leader threatens Manzo, Katsu stages a full attack. But the man easily ducks and dodges Katsu’s disorganized strikes. He says a boy cannot slay a man, as he gets back into the tin can. Katsu’s eyes flare up, and he slashes at the tin can, and the man inside it, killing him.

It is Katsushiro’s first kill.


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