episode 13

episode 13 — Hit! / Shoot!

Kanna village awaits the attack, all weapons ready.

Kanbei and Katsu visit the Water Maiden’s house. While Katsu is disappointed to find just the elder priestess there, Kanbei notices that Kirara has a lot of books and scrolls stored. The elder priestess explains that Kirara likes learning about the world outside her own.

Kirara and Komachi eventually arrive. It’s obvious to Katsu that Kirara sees him without enthusiasm, but Kanbei with eagerness. Kanber asks a favor of Kirara, that they shelter the women and children in the house during the invasion. Kirara is disappointed (she won’t get to see Kanbei in action), especially when it is mentioned that Katsu will be the guard for them. Kirara says that it will be fine with the elder.

Kanbei asks to talk with Kirara alone outside. Kirara lights up, Katsu notices it bitterly, and I think Kanbei notices it with some concern. Kanbei therefore tells Kirara that Katsushiro can’t slash people without a good reason, being still immature (meaning I think: please stop following me, be a good girl, and try to like Katsu instead, or at least return his advances). Kirara turns her eyes from him, and gives him her standard priestess dialogue: I can’t let Katsu suffer alone, I’ll purify the blood you shed, I am responsible for bringing you to the villlage. Since it’s obvious Kirara is complying but half-heartedly, Kanbei tells her he has nothing more to say, and walks away. Katsu, Okara, and Komachi overhear the entire conversation. Katsu sighs. Okara just comments: this is going to be complicated.

Kikuchiyo notices Rikichi going to the woods with a sword. He follows him, and finds the farmer nervously swinging the sword. Rikichi explains that he wants to be able to use a sword, to slash when he wants to. He then asks Kiku where he got his mechnical body, so he can also get one and kill Nobuseri. Kiku sadly, seriously tells him not to do it. When Rikichi sees his wife, he would want to hug her as a human. But Kiku teaches Riki how to use a sword, starting with basic drills. Gorobei and Shichiroji see them from behind some bushes, Gorobei commented that Kiku forgot about being watchman, but Roji says they should leave them for a while.

After archery practice with some of the farmers, Kyuzo gets down and listens to the ground. The enemy is coming. At a high point, Gorobei has noticed it too. The alarm is raised. Women and children are directed to the water maiden’s house. The farmers begin taking out the monstrous crossbow.

Rikichi notes that there are more Nobuseri than expected. Manzo beins to panic, saying the Nobuseri are now angry. If they want to apologize, they better do it now. But it is the general consensus of farmers and samurai that they keep up the fight. We’ve gotten this far already, we can’t turn back.

Kiku is told to draw the crossbow, Rikichi would be the one to shoot the crossbow. Everyone takes positions.

As the invasion begins, Manzo sees his house wrecked by one of the base ships, and he begins to cry hysterically, just controlled by his comrades. The crossbow is positioned, and Hei declares it ready to shoot.

Over loudspeakers, the Nobuseri give them one last chance to back out. Kanbei gives the order to shoot, which is passed on to the rest.

The crossbow’s log is successfully drawn and shot. It hits one of the battleships squarely. Everyone begins to cheer……but one farmer points out that the tin cans are rushing in. Kanbei just gives orders for all to take aim at the arriving troops with fiery arrows.

The full-scale attack begins. The village holds it own, and as the bridge is taken down, it takes with it many tin cans, which fall into the cliff. Soon enough, the invading troop retreats.

After some doubts, the cheers ring about. However, the farmers don’t think the Nobuseri are done. Kanbei just enourages them. Do you want to die? Then fight!

Nobuseri count their losses, and they know it’s because of the samurai. Orders are given to crush them.

At the water maiden’s house, the women and children keep praying. Kirara is concerned. According to the water crystal, the flow of the log is disrupted (something’s wrong with the second crossbow shot).

A second wave of Nobuseri arrive over the village rice fields. When they get to the village proper, the Nobsueri find the farmers hauling bales of rice, led by Rikichi. The farmers bow to them, and say that they did something they shouldn’t have, but got scared. They now ask for the Nobuseri to accept the offered rice and their apology. The leader says that’s fine, but where are the samurai? Rikichi nervously says that the farmers captured them. Kyuzo, Gorobei, and Katsushiro, all bound, and Kikuchiyo’s head are presented.


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