episode 14

episode 14 — Go wild! / Out of control!

Ukyo is informed about the failed attack on Kanna village via chocobo FedEx, while playing cards with some of his girls. Tessai also tells him that neither Hyougo nor Kyuzo have contacted them. He says they have recovered Hyougo’s body, that the enemy who killed him was quite skillful. Lastly, Kyuzo’s whereabouts are still unknown. Ukyo tells Tessai to keep this information from Ayamaro, and to stop the samurai hunt. Ukyo then gives Tessai instructions, with a sly smile. Tell me everything about Kanna village. Something like reversing earth and heaven will soon happen.

Kyuzo is identified by one of the Nobuseri, among the 4 obviously captured samurai (Kyuzo, Katsushiro, Gorobei, and Kikuchiyo’s head). The Nobuseri who knows him never imagined he would fall that far. Kyuzo says “Same to you”, and makes the Nobuseri whack his sword at the assembled group of people. When the Nobuseri asks where the other three are (as a reminder: Kanbei, Shichiroji, and Heihachi are not among the captured), Rikichi explains that since they were essentially the masterminds of the operation, they drove those samurai away. The 4 captured samurai are taken, while the farmers are kept surrounded by swords. The rice bales are poked to make sure no one is hiding in them, but they just yield rice.

Kirara intervenes. She asks to be taken in exchange for sparing Kanna village. She challenges the Nobuseri: don’t you think it will make you a fallen samurai to get angry with such a small village? Riled, Kirara is received in exchange, and taken away, along with the captured samurai and the rice bales.

But while within the battleship, the Nobuseri say that Kirara and the rice will be taken to the capital. Kirara, held by 2 robot samurai, is shocked; going to the capital was not part of her plans. The Nobuseri explain haughtily that it is the capital that wants the rice and girls. A hatch is opened, and she is told to look well at the village behind her, for it is the last time she would see Kanna village. Kirara panics: that is not what they promised! The Nobuseri just says they received her life, but they did not promimse anything. Kiku’s head, hanging on top of a pole held by one of Kirara’s guards, lights up.

Kiku’s body get’s activated, and it punches out of one of the rice bales. Kanbei, Roji, and Hei come out from the other rice bales. Roji teases Hei about being one with the rice so much. Elsewhere, inside a holding cell, Gorobei also frees himself from his ropes.

Roji and Kanbei deal with the robot soldiers that meet them, and Hei goes on his way to the engine. Elsewhere, Gorobei and Kyuzo are free, and Gorobei helps Katsu get loose.

Roji, Kanbei, and Kiku’s body get farther along inside the battleship. Hei rolls into the core of the ship inside a kettle.

Gorobei and Kyuzo are also holding their own against other robot soldiers. Katsu, meanwhile, is too scared to use his sword again against oncoming soldiers. But when Gorobei checks if he needs help, Katsu says that he doesn’t need any. As the panic gets to him, that creepy look in his eyes flares. I am a samurai, he declares, and he goes berserk again, slicing randomly and desperately at all comers.

Hei gets to the main control center, presses on keys and pulls levers, and stops the battle ship .

Kanbei’s team reaches where the Nobuseri and Kirara are, but are surrounded by the Lightning- type Nobuseri. Just then Gorobei comes in from above to rescue Kiku’s head and Kirara, with Kyuzo coming down soon after. A major fight begins. Katsu still looks half-crazy as he slashes left and right, and Kirara is very worried about him as she looks on from her high ledge. Kyuzo attacks a Nobuseri from its core. We finally get to see Roji’s cyborg left forearm clearly, as he shields Kanbei from many bullets and fires out a cable to save Kyuzo.

The battleship goes down in full view of Kanna village. Katsu rescues Kirara from falling off the ledge, still panting and wide-eyed. The last remaining Nobuseri looks well at Kanbei and he comments: you must’ve been on the losing side during the wars. Hei shouts to the gang that the ship is crashing. Kanbei delays with the Nobuseri who curses the samurai, saying that yes, absolutely, he’s a samurai.

Roji finds a way out for them as he pulls down a log with his arm cable. Everybody gets out at the last minute as the battleship goes down the steep cliff. Roji apologizes for such a messy escape and outcome, just held in place by Kiku. As he stays with Kirara, Katsu’s eyes are still scary to behold, and he pants nervously.


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