episode 15

episode 15 — Soaked! / Soaking wet!

Kirara starts mending Kanbei’s cut, but everybody feels something and goes on alert. True enough, several Tobito attack them, followed by a kettle and several robot soldeirs. The gang slices and dices, making short work of the small force.

But Kikuchiyo feels a shot coming from below the cliff. With a heavy fog at the bottom of the cliff, a scout is needed to determine where the enemy’s troops are. After Kikuchiyo and Katsushiro offer to do it, Kyuzo just stands up and goes down into the fog, deftly avoiding all shots. Kanbei is sure Kyuzo will come back, and that the mist can work to his benefit.

Below the cliff the Nobuseri plan and regroup. They say that they can’t win by brute strength, at least, not with that man (Kanbei) around. He had the eyes of the dead.

(WHAT?! Kanbei’s undead?! ^^ At least both his eyes are brown, not one red eye and one yellow…..Ayaya, Gankutsuou……)

Back in the village, the farmers welcome the returning group, happy and relieved. However, the samurai warn that the Nobuseri will be back. They’ll try to pay back the humiliation. Kirara pulls Rikichi aside to talk about Sanae.

In a hut, Kirara tells Rikichi, with Kanbei and the elder, that Sanae is probably at the capital. Even if neither Kanbei nor Rikichi have been to the capital, both are more than willing to go. Kanbei tells the elder to make the villagers take out the rice kept in stock, and feed them to the villagers. It will be done to boost morale. The rice for next year will be ready for harvesting then. They won’t let the Nobuseri get the rice this year.

The elder priestess prays with gratitude to 2 statues, representing Kirara’s parents, for taking care of kirara. When Kirara comes in to pray as well, she holds some of Kanbei’s bandages. The elder priestess notices, and says that if she is still infatuatied with the samurai it’s okay. Kirara denies it.

After providing new spears for several watchmen, Rikichi asks Gorobei where the capital is. Gorobei hasn’t been there, either, but tells Rikichi that if they want to go there, they have to win this battle first.

Kiku enjoys the day with the kids, acting as the Nobuseri for them. One low-handed attack has a little boy hitting him squarely in the groin. (Which leaves the audience wondering: how could a mecha samurai get hit in the groin and hurt about it?)

Kanbei and Shichiroji are offered some rice by the village girls, but he tells them to give the rice to the rest of the villagers instead. He then asks Kirara if she is ready with what he asked for. She is: she has a full pot of firefly rice for Kanbei. He explains that it makes him remember not to take rice for granted. He gives some to Roji, who doesn’t like it. Kanbei says to consider it like a drink before fighting, and a way to feel for the farmers — something he always does, which is probably why he always loses.

The little boys who were playing with Kiku come over and brag about wanting to be like the samurai and wanting to kill off Nobuseri. Kanbei then sadly asks the kids: so you don’t mind being like me? The kids don’t know what to say.

Refortificication of the village is done. Heihachi comes over to a watch point and gives Mosuke and his partner some onigiri, complimenting them on their tasty rice. But they would not budge and take the rice, saying Katsu told them to stay like that (stiff and serious) just in case anything happens.

Katsu says the same things to another set of farmers, but Hei comes around and cools him down, saying they would be less efficient that way. Hei asks the farmers if they are afraid. The farmers nod, but Katsu declares he isn’t scared.

Hei then talks calmly to him. He notes that Katsu doesn’t look opponents in the eyes. But neither did he. He says that it’s also his first time to kill, and he could not make himself look his opponents in the eyes either. But he had been in a battlefield before, and he knows how it feels like. He just keeps remembering that, when he fights. Thus, while Katsu got more warmed up with each time he fought, Hei calmed down more.

When Katsu then asks Hei why he got worked up about Honoka and Manzo, he partly explains. Betrayal always leaves behind trauma, whatever the reason. In poor Hei-san, there still remains the trauma of that incident.

Before Hei can say exactly what incident it was, Roji and Kanbei arrive with firefly rice for the two. But they notice something and duck behind their fence. Thankfully it’s just Kyuzo, returning with a VERY big gun. He tosses it to Hei, then says he killed off the remaining Lightnings and Tobito, there are still units being readied, and that an attack will likely occur the next day. He then goes off to sleep. Kanbei gives orders for everyone else to do the same. Katsu gawks at what Kyuzo just did.

Kyuzo sleeps alone just outside the village leaning on a tree. Katsu comes over, and meets Kyuzo’s drawn sword. In his icy way, Kyuzo asks Katsu: does he want to die? Katsu nervously says that he admired what he did, and that he’s a wonderful person, then runs away. Kyuzo hmphs and shuts his eyes again.

Gorobei finds Rikichi, who can’t sleep and keeps watch, thinking about his wife. Kanbei can’t sleep either and is planning out tomorrow’s attack. Roji notes that he never thought he would ever see the moon on a battlefied with him again.

Kirara walks out to the forest with the crystal. But she quickly runs back. A storm is coming. The enemy notices it, too.

Katsu boasts to Kiku about kyuzo being so great and all that. Kiku asks nonchalantly: so why did such a great guy work for Ayamaro? Katsu has no explanation. Kiku eventually gets irritated and pushes him off.

With an aching butt, Katsu meets Kirara and walks back to the village with her. He talks about how he feels when he fights. How he gets heated up and feverish, as if getting lost in a dream, and how he can never look the opponent straight in the eye. He says he can’t wield the sword like Kanbei. Kirara does not need to sink low for him (Meaning: I like you, you know that, but I also know I don’t deserve you.).

In the pouring rain, the Nobuseri start mobilizing again. Katsu comes running and shouting to Kanbei, Roji, and Kiku, already anticipating the attack.


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