episode 16

episode 16 — Death

The enemy starts approaching from the waterfall. Heihachi feels it first, even if the farmers won’t believe him, and he tells them to get ready.

Kanbei is also informed by Katsushiro about the start of the attack from there. Both Kanbei and Shichiroji say that it’s an old trick, one the enemy probably used, knowing their enemies aren’t used to fighting, so as to wear down their will first.

Attacks are quickly made to the village proper, and Gosaku is one of the earliest injured. The enemy attacks from the south end, where Kikuchiyo and Heihachi are. Both are holding their own, Hei slashing very calmly now. Kyuzo takes on the red Nobuseri leader and finishes it off.

Robots come to the village square, where Roji and Kanbei deal with them, and Katsu tries to thelp out. The blue Nobuseri finishes the attack, throwing flames on the houses. Kiku comes over swinging a tree at some kettles. Gorobei comes along and stops an arrow from attacking Kiku, and gets his thanks.

A robot soldier shoots a fiery arrow at Hei’s section, taking down a pile of cannonballs being readied. The cannonballs explode directly at 3 farmers, and the explosion hits Hei.

The veterans (Kanbei, Roji, Kyuzo, Gorobei) are having a field day, taking on all comers with some difficulty but holding their own very well. Roji actually seems to enjoy it.

A short reprieve lets them check the situation. Despite the attack on the houses, the damage is generally greater on the enemy side. Not too many farmers are injured. Another explosion is seen and heard, then a Lightning-type Nobuseri appears. Kiku starts to charge in, but the farmers tell him to move out. Rikichi and 2 friends bring out a large cannon, the hand of the red Nobuseri, and fire it. The canon misses, with the Nobuseri taunting how could farmers know how to fire a canon. But Kyuzo singlehandedly takes on the new set of soldiers surrounding the Lightning, while Katsu disables the Lightning itself with a slash to the leg.

Rikichi’s ribs are hit by holding the cannon, and he is taken away. Katsu encourages him not to waste his life, that he has to stay on to see his wife, and then lets him be taken to Kirara.

Kanbei and Roji eventually see Hei, bandaged but still bleeding from the abdomen. He grins, says “I want to eat rice”, and that they can’t move as they like because of the rain. Kiku is dragged in by 2 Tobito, then shot at from somewhere. Roji asks if it’s the Red Spider. They also see Kyuzo appear and hide behind a rock. The Red Spider Nobuseri shows himself, as Kiku swings a flaming log to challenge him, and the others take on the kettles.

(SPOILER!) Toward the end of the attack, the Red Spider fires a cannon shot at the group. Gorobei, taking on his performance stance, fully blocks the cannon shot with his sword and makes it change direction. He takes on the full force of the shot and is thrown to the wall of one of the houses. Katsu is the first to reach him, and feels blood. (end)

Kanbei steps forward and challenges him. Being the last one standing, the Red Spider is asked why he keeps attacking the village. Is he still a samurai? The Red Spider angrily says he has long forgotten about being a samurai. A duel between the Nobuseri and Kanbei begins. Kanbei dodges the blows but could not get a decent strike in, because of the major size difference. Kyuzo eventually slices off an arm. Kanbei says he does not need help, but Kyuzo says he doesn’t want Kanbei killed by his opponents (Kyuzo himself would do that, kill him, that is.) Katsu reacts but Gorobei weakly motions for him not to interfere. A shot from behind makes the Red Spider fall. Rikichi and his friends have fired the cannon again. Kanbei gets his opening, and slices the Red Spider in half.

(SPOILER!) Kirara stops reading her water crystal within the safehouse and runs. The water is becoming clouded, she says.

Everybody is assembled anxiously around Gorobei, still held by Katsu. With difficulty, he tells Rikichi, he is sorry, but he can’t go to the capital with him. Kanbei tells Gorobei that he bought his life with rice. You’re joking, he tells Kanbei, and breathes his last. Kiku, already half crying, tells him to stop kidding. (end)

Kanbei tells Roji to take care of the rest, then he walks off alone. When Kirara runs after him, the elder tells her to let him go. He still has a job to do.


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