episode 19

episode 19 Disobey! / Revolt!

(Semi-major SPOILERS are whited out.)

Rikichi thinks of Sanae as he looks at her haircomb. As he walks out of his hut with a package, Shichiroji waits for him. Roji then slahes his package, and reveals two swords, one of them Gorobei’s. Rikichi first wails about not being able to do anything when he should, when Heihachi comes over and says he knew this was going to happen eventually. I guess Goro-san wants to fight through you, he tells Rikichi. When Rikichi continues to plead to be allowed to go get his wife, Roji says it’s reckless if he goes alone, with a knowing smile. Hei chuckles.

Kanbei is told that he will be beheaded in 5 days in Kougakyo. Ukyo, the new manager, strongly appealed for the delay.

Ukyo is recognized at the palace’s main assembly hall, greeting everyone including Ayamaro with a happy grin. When he gets to the bottom of the platform, Amanushi starts an iris scan of Ukyo. He is then brought closer to his lordship, and a blood sample is taken.

(SPOILER!) Amanushi then announces. Ukyo is undoubtedly his 49th clone. Ayamaro is complimented on the good upbringing, but Ayamaro says he didn’t know. He says Ukyo was a farmer boy found on the street when the boy was small, whom he adopted.

The prime minister explains. An order was made to impregnate women of the farmer class to create strong clones of his lordship. Unlike the rest of the clones, who grew up in the capital, Ukyo was abandoned in a field with his status hidden. Then, being adopted by Ayamaro, he grew up as a merchant and learned the tricks of the trade. So, Ukyo asks, what is he? A farmer? A merchant? Royalty?

Despite Ukyo reacting naive and all, it is clear that he has at least some idea of all this and how it will affect his future. (end)

Suffice to say, Ukyo has it in him to be the next lord, if it is true what he really is. Amanushi will decide who he is with the ritual of questionnaires.

The trial of questions is conducted to see if the person under trial is a suitable heir to the throne. The test is conducted nonstop for 3 days. No previous clones (potential successors) have passed the questioning, all have died or been killed before the end of 3 days! Basically the questions are political situations or tenets, with the questioner seeing how the respondent would solve potential political problems.

Ukyo does not even break a sweat, giving incredibly smart answers to all the multilayered political situations. Amanushi is very impressed. You’re the only one who grew up so calculating, he tells him.

Over the 2 days of waiting for them, Sanae gets dizzy and light-headed. She is brought to her quarters.

While Katsushiro, Kikuchiyo, Komachi and Kirara keep walking in the desert, samurai come over and see them, giving them rice. They tell them about Ukyo’s plan to send samruai to each village, and that the ronin are happy to get the job. But Katsu and Kirara, knowing Ukyo, look at each other and sigh.

Toward the end of the trial, Ukyo begins to filddle around with the controls of Amanushi’s capsule. He pulls out cables and checks them, what each does.

Sanae goes to bed, weak from the stress. Sanae again explains to Mizuki that she feels sincerely sorry for Lord Amanushi. He never felt the wind and sun with his body. She then says she is afraid of Ukyo.

Ukyo emerges very much alive and grinning from the interrogation. Amanushi announces that Ukyo is indeed a rightful heir to the throne, and he is to be treated as the next lord.

That evening, Amanushi visits Sanae in her quarters, telling her to take care of the baby, as another possible successor. Sanae airs her concern that Ukyo may try to get rid of the baby. Ukyo overhears this, just outside the bedroom door.

Ukyo visits Kanbei and asks about Kirara, and what is it like waiting to be executed. (SPOILER!) When Kanbei asks what he is doing in the capital, Ukyo declares he is there to rule the world. He then tells Kanbei that the true murderer is there with him. Kanbei spells it out: Ukyo killed the imperial messenger. Ukyo says he was just made to do it, because someone would have been in trouble if the messenger stayed alive. (end)

The mirror in Sanae’s bedroom shatters. She knows it’s an ominous sign.

(SPOILER!) Ukyo gets time alone at the platform with Amanushi, hidden behind the blinds. Ukyo asks him, does the nation need 2 rulers? He then pulls at the life support cables of the capsule, and destroys them. He tells his lordship, in his death throes, that a large scale community displays defects as time passes; the style of ruling must change with the times. Ukyo must release his other self from his pain. With Ukyo’s sarcastic good night, the capsule shuts down, and Amanushi dies inside it.

The ministers and Sanae assemble the next day in the main hall. Amanushi’s voice coming from behind the blinds, speaks that a vituous ruler should be giving his position to a more virtuous person. The voice says goodbye to Sanae. It then says he is leaving everything to his heir. But it is Ukyo, talking though the capsule’s speaker box. When the blinds rise, the assembly sees the lifeless Amunushi within the capsule, and all gasp. (end)

The blinds of the main hall’s platform rise to show Ukyo. He steps up, and announces that from this point he will be lord. It’s rather obvious to the assembled group (especially to the prime minister, Sanae, Ayamaro and Tessai) what happened, but they are all too shocked to do anything. Everyone bows to the new lord and gives forced congratulations.


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