episode 21

episode 21 — Fools! / You fool!

Kanbei uses Mizuki’s pin on the keyhole of the stocks and frees himself, just as the ax goes down. He takes up the ax then his sword. Ukyo is unfazed, and just yare-yare’s. He addresses Kanbei. Samurai are so scary. But those who engage in war are not samrt. He then gets a megaphone and talks to the crowd. He is not like Amanushi, and will avoid senseless conflict. He tells the crowd that the reason Kanbei assaulted the previous Amanushi was to recue some women. Thus, Ukyo will give him clemency. Further, the women are free to go. With this grand gesture, Komachi (as well as other people) says Ukyo is a good person, but Masamune is not convinced. Kanbei asks what Ukyo would do to Kanna village. Ukyo says he’s not going to Kanna village now, but freeing the women is all he is promising. Katsushiro meanwhile reaches the top deck and runs into Ukyo. Ukyo just says he already made a deal with his chief, leaving Katsu stunned as Ukyo walks away.

Elsewhere within the floating capital, Kikuchiyo and Kirara have Ayamaro walking at sword point to Sanae’s chambers. Kirara explains that he is their hostage and shield — Kiku finds Kirara’s insight into it rather creepy. From another direction, Tessai brings Katsu and Kanbei inside, returning Kanbei’s sword. The two groups meet. Tessai informs Kirara’s group that the captive women will be released.

Kiku charages into the chamber and asks about Sanae, while Kanbei asks Katsu why did he come. Katsu answers, with a sad, knowing look passing from Kanbei to Kirara, that “I wanted to help.” Kanbei looks away.

Sanae is looking worse when Kiku comes in saying everybody is free to go. Kirara takes off the helmet of the Shikimoribito uniform and introduces herself, saying they have come to take her back to Rikichi. But Sanae says (to the surprise of everyone except Kanbei) that she cannot go, that she killed the baby, that she cannot go back to Rikichi, and will condole Amanushi and his child all her life. Despite everything Sanae says, Kirara declares she is going to take her back. Sanae weeps, somewhere between relief and grief.

At a general assembly at the main hall, Ukyo’s recent actions are discussed. With them, the capital is currently the commoner’s friend. Ukyo’s goal is now to get the farmers to swing over to support him. He will therefore bring the capital to the farming villages, and befriend the farmers. But as for Kanna village, it may have an unfortunate accident, he says slyly. Farmers who have learnt war will never be normal farmers again, and are thus very dangerous to the capital.

Tessai meanwhile stays with Ayamaro, telling him to grab the chance and get out. He should not spend his days as storage keeper. When Ayamaro asks him to come with him, Tessai says he now serves the young master. Ayamaro no longer has value to Ukyo, so Tessai tells him to go now, say that he used Tessai as a shield. They both notice a Shikimoribito uniform left behind.

Kyuzo is also at Kougakyo as the floating capital leaves in a cloud of smoke.

Kanbei’s group with the women return to Komachi and Masamune. Komachi meets them and rants about “Amanushi-sama” being so nice, then goes to meet Sanae. Sanae asks if Rikichi is with them. The announcement that free rice is being distributed rings out. Even if the people know it’s a bribe they still take it. Meanwhile, Katsu keeps giving Kanbei weird sad glances.

That evening at the hideout, while Kiku takes out his wrath on an empty kettle, Kanbei says they will go to the Hotaruya, then returns Mizuki’s pin (and thus being called a samurai and a robber by the much-amused young lady). Komachi and Kirara also return with clothes for the girls and Sanae.

Ayamaro runs away in Shikimoribito clothes, but is found by ruffian ronin and held at swordpoint. He is rescued just in time by Kyuzo, telling the ruffians to keep their hands off Shimada Kanbei. Then he walks off and leaves Ayamaro.

The group reaches Hotaruya safely. They tell Yukino that Shichiroji is still in the village. Yukino chuckles and tells them not to worry about that clown; he always ends up left behind in the action, and that she will get more than enough payment from him later (lucky man, Roji-san is, lucky man….).

Our friends have a meeting about Sanae’s future welfare. Katsu still keeps wondering how could Sanae could call Amanushi a kind man. Kanbei quietly explains that she really did love Amanushi. Katsu stands up and angrily shouts at Kanbei: is taht all he can say after going to the capital? Kanbei answers: that was something I could not cut with the sword. Katsu harrumphs and declares that he had lost his trust in him. (Understand that at this point Katsu is pretty mad at Kanbei, not just for failing the group, but also for being his girl’s center of attention and the rather old man not doing anything much about it.)

Kirara tries to intervene by saying that he doesn’t understand how they felt like a corpse, making rice for Nobuseri, and that Sanae did such a noble act, something she would have done too if she had more courage. Kiku murmurs to her that’s enough, and she should stop acting so cool. Masamune tries to intervene as well, diverting the discussion and saying Sanae should still be brought back, that Rikichi would be good medicine for her.

Kanbei has had enough. With his sword, he whacks Kiku and Katsu squarely on their heads, and shouts, “You fools!”


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