episode 23

episode 23 — Liar!

Our friends pack up to leave. Ayamaro asks them nervously: are you seriously planning to fight the capital? He warns Kanbei to never underestimate Ukyo, which advice Kanbei accepts.

Heihachi murmurs that he can’t believe Kanbei is trusting a merchant and the old manager of Kougakyo. Kiku asks why is he being so glum about it. So Hei takes it back: if Kanbei-sama trusts him, then so does he….(adding rather darkly) even if he is a merchant for the capital. Ayamaro gives his word that he would be neither friend nor foe. Kyuzo refuses his offer to work for him again with a slight glare. Kanbei meanwhile asks to have a word with Hei.

Rikichi mopes facing the wall, actually understanding why Sanae would not want to go back home, being already used to pretty dresses and pampered living. But Mizuki corrects that impression, both for him and the assembled group in the room. Sure, they were pampered, but they were also considered nothing more than fields, plots where Amanushi can place his seed in and create clones. Do they realize how miserable that feeling was? Mizuki faces Roji, and requests bravely: please destroy the capital completely. For vengeance, for her parents who died, for all the oppressed villages.

Heihachi keeps walking in front of Kanbei as he talks. He had never killed anyone with his hands before meeting Kanbei, but he did kill someone before, by betrayal. Information he had leaked out killed his entire unit. The only thought he had was of how to atone for the betrayal. It was maybe for atonement that he chose to join them. If he can be an honest man by killing other men, he would do it. At first he found it frightening how Kanbei was always trusting other people, but now he understands the immensity of his soul. If only he met someone like him earlier.

Rikichi approaches them and bows, also asking Kanbei to please destroy the capital completely. Kanbei assurers him: we’ll do that without your asking. Some goodbyes and hope-to-see-you-agains. Sanae comes with them. They leave behind the two other girls with Mizuki, and Ayamaro.

Two Nobuseri see the floating capital approaching and approach it. One of the Nobsueri is injured; the injured robot tells Ukyo (playing croquet) that they were attacked. He asks sarcastically if they heard right: Lord Amanushi sent the farmers on a mission to protect the village. Ukyo now explains that he gave an order to the farmers and ronin. He then says that by killing the Nobuseri, everybody will soon give allegiance to him. A cannon is then fired, blowing away the 2 Nobuseri to shreds.

Ukyo notes that something like that may happen again, because samurai are impossible to control. The prime minister leads him to the area where mechanical samurai are kept, then suggests making all the mechanical samurai just plain robots, by removing their souls. Ukyo agrees.

Katsu rests alone by a tree. He wakes up to see Gorobei in the distance. You are young, and depressed, he tells Katsu. You can’t beat Nobuseri the way you are right now. Katsu is riled and tries to slash at the image, saying he won’t be beaten, but the image disappears. Katsu washes his face, then rides deeper into the forest.

The rest of our friends return to Shikimoribito territory. Mizuki sees her sister Honoka again, and a warm reunion happens, and much thanks given to Kanbei. Mizuki tells them she will stay with her sister. Hei comments about Kanbei being appreciated even if he is always on the losing side. Komachi then comments that he has the scary smell of war. Both gearhead and little girl notice that Kirara’s crystal glows brightly, and that Kirara turing red. Suddenly Kirara is surrounded overhead by Shikimoribito. She forgot about the stolen uniforms!

A report comes to Ukyo that the samurai are now in Shikimoribito territory and that Ayamaro is now a house servant. Ukyo laughs and says he’ll leave his father that way for now.

Kirara and Kiku, even Komachi apologize for the stolen uniforms, bowing deeply. Honoka beg for mercy, saying that it’s because of them that she and Mizuki met again. The Shikimoribito tell Kiku that they aren’t exactly forgiven, but they can pay back their error by preparing for the capital attack there. They want to help out in it as well.

The gang is eventually released with a big boat filled with lots of weapons and supplies. Conversation among the samurai explain that the Shikimoribito are actually samurai who threw away their swords instead of becoming ronin or mecha samurai.

Katsu arrives at Kanna vilage, just in time to meet against a few soldiers, and the henchman who was the imperial messenger’s assassin. The soldiers were trying to set the village ablaze. They were set as Amanushi’s imperial messengers to do just that. They laugh, remembering Katsu from the time he and Kiku tried to rescue Kirara the very first time, and ask what the rookie could do. Katsu goes haywire and single-handedly takes down the small troop, including the henchman — it’s scary how easily he slashed all the soldiers down. In his death throas, the henchman warns that the village will be burned, to welcome the young lord, and soldiers have been placed to burn the other farming villages.

More soldiers arrive and surround Katsu. The farmers are ready with arrows on the rooftops. Katsu charges in.


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