episode 24

episode 24 — Promise! / Pledge!

In Kanna village, ablaze with the bodies of fallen robots, the farmers are anxious, as rumbling of war resumes. Do you really think the capital will come? They all ask themselves.

Yes, the capital will come, if Ukyo will have his way. He tells the court that he plans to let go of the women, then burn down the village.

At the elder’s house, the villagers assmble around Katsushiro and plan. Several among the farmers don’t approve of arming farmers to their current extent. Yet others say that if it is to protect the rice, they’ll do it. Katsu tries sternly to show them the reality: the floating capital is a Honmaru class battle ship, the largest used in the last war. While a few lose hope, others say there is no choice but to fight, to do something and die with honor. However, they ask Katsu with embarassment: can you bring your comrades over? They are anxious, having just Katsu around. They want that samurai (Kanbei) back. Katsu angrily hits his sword’s scabbard onto the floor, and declares that they don’t need “sensei”. The elder warns him: you’ve been possessed by the sword.

The process of converting the Nobuseri into mobile dolls continues within the floating capital. When Ukyo is asked what they would do with the robots after the attack, he says that they will be lent out to owners and the capital will collect rent. Eventually it is reported that contact with advance party was cut off, and that they were killed by the farmers of Kanna village then burned. Ukyo grins. They now have a good reason to fight them.

The Shikimoribito ship with our friends makes it out and speeds though the desert.

When they land for a while, they get news from several ronin that Lord Amanushi had already visited their village, and ask if they want a job as guard from Amanushi. Kikuchiyo steams up and declares quite the opposite: we’re going to cut Amanushi down! But the ronin just laugh at him, saying that Kiku said such an unexpected thing. Kiku flares up again, declaring Ukyo is a villain pretending to be a saint. But Kanbei stops him, and tells the ronin that he’s just broken, much to Kiku’s chagrin.

Back on the road, when Kiku ask why Kanbei didn’t tell the ronin about Ukyo, Kanbei just says that no one would believe them. Kanbei gives a backward look at Kirara, seated just behind him, and the crystal glows.

Kiku suddenly asks Heihachi to step on the brakes, then he gets off. He has found a clump of stink buns (a lot like durian, from the looks of things), and starts eating. Hei eventually agrees as he eats,too: the fruits smell awful but taste delicious. But Kyuzo adds that something else smells. They start running to check it out, and find the remains of a ruined moth ship and Nobuseri. A battle between ronin and Nobuseri had been fought. Kiku fishes out a cruiser among the rubble and asks if it will be useful.

Back in the village, Katsu sits at the gravesite. He says that the deceased must be the one who guided him there, and that he wanted to bid farewell to him before going to battle. The elder priestess and Shino stand behind him, and ask where Kirara is. He tells them with much bitterness that she is with his sensei and the other samurai, then walks away. The elder scratches her head: she thought Kirara went after Katsu. Okara sneers and says that the granny is too dense. The person the water maiden likes is another samurai.

Heihachi pronounces the cruiser fit to fly, just barely. Kanbei says therefore that once repairs are done they can go to the capital. Kikuchiyo proudly declares that he is willing to die in a battlefield. Suddenly Komachi cries. She doesn’t want her bot-sama to die and leave her behind. Really touched, Kiku gives his precious (stolen, picked up?) genealogy scroll to Komachi, and makes her keep it. He promises to come back for it. Komachi asks Kiku to make a promise too: that he would become her husband when she grows up. Incredibly, Kiku seems to like the idea, steams up, takes the girl up in his arms and tells her to grow up quickly.

Meanwhile, as Kirara serves tea, Shichiroji asks Kanbei about their plan of attack. Kanbei says he has no plan. This time they are heading to their deaths. Hei and Roji are equally stunned, and Kirara is also surprised, but calmly bows and leaves. Hei notes that Ukyo fell in love with Kirara, that’s the only thing he can credit him for (I think giving a slur at Kanbei for not doing the same), Roji says something about being nicer to Kirara. Kanbei ignores both Roji’s and Hei’s comments, and tells Rikichi that he is to take the women safely to the village.

Back in the village, Heihachi’s crossbow cannon is being readied for firing, and other preparations all throughout the village are being made, as Katsu moves from place to place checking on them.

The next day Sanae, Kirara, and Komachi ride with Rikichi on the Shikimoribito ship. Kirara talks almost to herself how war will start soon, yet she is struggling with her feelings, that she must be spoiled to be still having them. But she decided to endure them. Sanae answers her: if she says things like that, her heart must be aching. Kirara thus gives the bomber full declaration of love: I want to let him know it (that I love him) with my whole body. Komachi accepts this, and tells her sister to pray that he will surely come back, that it is their job to pray. Kirara hugs her tightly.

The alarm sounds in the village. Katsu gallops to the bridge. The first volley is fired and Katsu blocks it with his sword, and deflects it back to the floating capital, rocking it.

Ukyo gives the order to bring out the robots, which now obey his every command.

The robots forces thus starts mobilizing. The farmers and Katsu are ready for them, with guns from former Nobuseri aimed and shot at the arriving first unit. The farmers successfully deal with the first volley, but barely survive the seocond volley. Katsu charges in and faces 4 robots alone, and actually does a pretty good job slicing them up to bits. But more units are coming, more than even he can handle alone.

A report comes to the capital that a sword-cutting ship (a cruiser) is arriving. It’s the other five.


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