episode 25

episode 25 — Fall!


The monitors on the capital show the arrival of the cruiser piloted by Shichiroji, with Kanbei, Kyuzo, and Kikuchiyo standing above it. Kanbei is persistent, Ukyo notes, but tells the operators of the Honmaru to keep heading to Kanna village.

Mosuke announces the arrival of the other five to the other villagers, and cheers ring out

Ukyo tries to second-guess Kanbei, and says that he would never break in through the front, and he has second and third plans. He tells the robots to attack the cruiser.

On the cruiser, Kanbei tells Roji to keep the straight course. Roji asks again if there are really no plans, or if Kanbei said that on purpose to make Kirara give up on him. A flashback to the previous evening. As the five samurai stand to leave, Kirara calls out to Kanbei, as her crystal glows. But Kanbei tells her not to say anything, and not to wait for him. His heart dried up a long time ago, and she will not smell water on him (I think: I’m too old for love, young lady.). Back to the present. Roji tells Kanbei how heartless he was; the girl was going to give up everything for him. Kanbei says that’s enough idle talk.

As the full attack on the cruiser begins, Kyuzo and Kiku take up the front, blocking all shots as they arrive. Kanbei then blocks all remaining shots.

In the village Katsu runs into a kettle and draws his sword. The hatch opens and Heihachi greets him with a smile, saying Kanbei-sama was worried aout him. The comment riles Katsu, and he keeps riding on, saying he’ll keep going his own way. Hei just scratches his head and notes: he’s become quite warped.

Kiku is very impressed by “Kyutaro”, as Kyuzo keeps blocking without missing a beat. But Kyuzo does note that the response from the robots is different now. Kanbei says they are now spiritless puppets, and tells Roji to pass them.

Ukyo still can’t believe that Kanbei is heading straight at him. Is he that stupid? Ukyo is also frustrated at how the robots prove useless against the four. He gives the order to launch the main cannon and fire at the samurai. If the cannon is deflected, the Nobuseri robots would act as the shield.

As the cannon is fired, Kanbei tells Roji to go up and ride the cannon blast. Roji does that, while poor Kiku hangs on for dear life at the side of the cruiser. Eventually the samurai descend onto the floating capital, and Roji saves Kiku with his arm cable.

Ukyo begins to get desperate. He gives the order to go to Kanna village and take the villagers hostage.

Katsu still has the ground forces under control. When he asks about the main ship, which is still coming, he eventually takes matters into his own hands. He rides the log cannon shot, and makes the farmers still shoot it, saying that he will get into the capital that way. But even the farmers note, as the shot is fired, that the log will completely miss the target. Okara snickers: the plan isn’t quite perfect, it’s just like Katsu to do things that way.

As the log goes down, Hei catches Katsu with the kettle, and stops him from falling on hard ground. That’s why I told you to get on! he tells Katsu.

Katsu and Hei reach the base part of the floating capital. They see Kyuzo fighting off a few robots, but he is fired at directly, and he disappears behind heavy smoke. Katsu screams. Hei calmly gets out of the kettle and readies his crossbow. This is a battlefield, he reminds Katsu. He then tells Katsu that he will separate the main engine from the ship using the crossbow from Masamune and the gear from the Shikimoribito. Katsu draws his sword and grits his teeth, and promises to cover him.

The floating capital is still speeding into Kanna village. Inside, Kanbei takes down several guards and rescues the women. He finds Ukyo in the midst of the assembled women. But this one cowers too much.

While Katsu deals with the guards on the platform, Hei on the engine deck below moves from pillar to pillar, planting bombs and helping Katsu by firing shots once in a while. Once this is over, he promises himself, I’ll eat rice to the full. But he has been hit, is bleeding quite badly and is forcing himself weakly to keep moving. Katsu notices and shouts out to him, but Hei tells him to not worry about him and keep going, as he starts weakly pushing off a part of the engine. He smiles, and tells Katsu to go and leave him already. He presses on a button, and detonates the bombs. The explosions are felt by the other 3 elsewhere on the ship.

(SPOILER!) But Hei falls with the engine, flattened under a heavy metal post. Katsu screams out to him. In a very plaintive voice, Heihachi cries his last: I want to eat rice! (end)

The floating capital begins to fall.

Roji has found another Amanushi, and so has Kiku, other clones of the former Amanushi. The clones claim that Ukyo promised to give them good lives, as long as they did not say anything about being body doubles. Kiku flares about how much woud Ukyo insult farmers, yet lets them go. However Tessai arrives and kills the clones anyway. He takes down an arm, then takes Roji hostage. No matter what kind of master he is, Tessai declares, his job is to accomplish his dueties as a servant, which is the way of the samurai. Fires are shot by arriving guards. Kiku charges in and is riddled with bullets (Of course, because he’s a robot, he’s still fine.), but Roji does get away from Tessai.

Something punctures the main hall. It is Kyuzo with the remains of their plane. He charges straight at Tessai, and kills him with a direct stab. I’m the one who will slash him (Kanbei), he says.

Katsu also manages to arrive and charges at the guards as well. He finds a gun dropped by one of the guards. He sees a guard about to shoot Kanbei from behind, so he takes the gun and fires an open round.

(SPOILER!) Kyuzo is standing directly behind the guard, and gets the full open round.

As the Red Jacket falls, Kanbei takes him into his arms (and the fans go wild….erm…..). Katsu drops the gun, stunned and shocked. Kyuzo weakly tells Kanbei to finish the work soon, and not to forget to settle with him. Kanbei tells him he has not forgotten. He says: I’ll wait for you in the village. He dies. Kanbei closes his eyes and says: I’ll be there soon, wait for me in hell.

As for Katsu, Kanbei tell him it’s good he is back. But, I killed him with my own hands! Katsu wails. In order to save me, Kanbei assures him. All the same to Katsu: I killed Kyuzo-dono with my own hands! Kanbei tells him that in battle it’s just a matter of who dies first, that Katsu has to live, just a little longer. Kanbei, Roji, and Kiku then ask a very pained Katsu how he got there, and he tells them between sobs how Hei helped him and fell with the engine. Kanbei tells them all: we won’t survive for long either. (end)


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