episode 26

episode 26 — Plant!

Rikichi, Komachi and Kirara find Heihachi’s teruteru among the rubble left by the disintegrating capital. Rikichi takes it hard.

The attacks continue, and villagers are beginning to worry, because the capital isn’t going to stop.

Ukyo and what remains of his retainers make a run out of the main hall, as the ministers note that they will crash against the village. Ukyo nervously says that if the outcome of the battle is good, then it will be good, despite the means used. He gives the order to shoot the main cannon to finish.

The assembly reaches Ukyo’s private chambers, and find the other clones dead, as well as the aftermath of the samurai attack. Kikuchiyo, Shichiroji, and Katsushiro eventually get back there and find Ukyo. Kiku confirms that he is the real Ukyo. He cowers and begs for his life, ultimately saying that it will be pointless to kill him, as nothing will change as to the state of farmers and ronin. Kiku gets mad and slashes at Ukyo but misses. A maniacal Ukyo then starts an open round of fire at Kiku, then at Roji and Katsu, as the two humans are surrounded by guards. Ukyo then pounds at Kiku’s head (despite Kiku being a robot, it’s painful to watch), declaring that he hates mechanical samurai.

Ukyo then kicks Katsu, and steps on him, asking where is Kanbei. The boy does not answer. Ukyo goes to Roji, steps hard on his shoulder wound, and asks for Kanbei again. Then he asks for Kirara, saying he must go save Kirara before Kanna village is crushed.

The deck opens, and Kanbei emerges, a whole pack of Nobuseri behind him. Katsu and Roji begin to slash at the guards. Ukyo, scared for his life, tells Kanbei that the former Amanushi is to blame for capturing the women, and denies responsibility. Kanbei doesn’t care. One Nobsueri fires a shot which Katsu slices, but it still hits Ukyo and he goes down. Kanbei leaves the Nobsueri to Katsu. At this point Kiku reactivates, but Ukyo notices and fires. Kiku charges out weakly, and pulls Ukyo down with him.

The Nobuseri that are left stop the Shikimoribito ship, which still has our farmers. Ukyo falls in, looking very creepy, and approaches Kirara. He drones that she came to save him, that everyone is dead so she is her legal wife. Kiku falls in as well and punches Ukyo out of the ship, then slashes at the Nobuseri. Somewhat weakly but very seriously, he tells Rikichi to take him to the area in front of the floating capital.

Katsu meanwhile slices and dices at all incoming Nobuseri with little mercy and restraint.

Kiku is left in front of the wing rock. He pulls up what is left of their sword-cutting cruiser, and uses it as a sword to slice across the capital as it passes. I won’t let you come to the rice fields, he declares. He psyches himself up, to be a man!

Inside, Kanbei and Roji slice their way out of the sinking capital. The partners make it out just barely, (SPOILER) as Kiku disintegrates as the capital runs through him. (end) Ukyo falls down the cliff, calling fo Kirara, the floating capital falling with him.

A big explosion, and everything is over.

Kanbei and Roji pop out together under some rubble, and Katsu emerges half crazy for more Nobuseri to kill. Kanbei stops him with a gentle hand. Roji notes: we survived again.

(SPOILER) Komachi is all weepy, and Kirara gives her a hug. All that is left of Kikuchiyo are his boots. (end)


Snow begins to fall over Kanna village.

As Kirara looks on silently, Kanbei cleans his sword. (SPOILER) Up on the hills, we see five swords lined up now by height: Heihachi’s, Kyuzo’s two, Gorobei’s, and Kikuchiyo’s. Komachi sniffles and prays in front of Kiku’s. (end)

The elder priestess asks Kirara: Are you sure about giving the water crsytal to Komachi? She says yes, because it’s now muddy because of my sin (I don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though). The elder says she does not have to accuse yourself so much, then asks if she is drawing a line because of this. She looks at Katsu practicing sword drills in the snow, then closes the window without answering.

Ayamaro is shown working with the Shikimoribito that winter.

Spring arrives.

Katsu bows before the graves, as Kirara arrives. I thought I protected you, but you always protected me, he tells her. You said you would fall with me, which encouraged me. He finally asks: do I smell like a battlefield now? She only weeps.

Kanbei with Roji also reach the hill and ask Katsu if he is leaving. He tells Kanbei: he has thought often about why he was made samurai number 5, but every scar he got brought him closer to the answer. He had been in a war without receiving a reward. They risked their lives. That’s what a samurai should be. He can now stand in a battlefield in the future becuase of that, like his sensei. Kanbei ceremoniously gives Katsu his sword. Katsu takes it and says goodbye. He then walks on alone without looking back, as Kanbei gazes at the swords on the hill.

Planting season comes for Kanna village. Sanae plants beside Rikichi. Komachi is now the water maiden with the water crystal. The sisters sing side by side, encouraging the planters.

Kanbei and Shichiroji look on, and muse about another losing battle, because the winners are the farmers, not them. The elder smiles at them, and say that the soil will remain forever. The partners bid farewell to the elder, and walk away, as the planting continues. Kirara somewhat notices, but is lost in the festivity of the planting.

We are left with the view of the banner.

The end.


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