episode 03

Episode 3 — You must be kidding! / You’re joking!

Kirara makes it back to the temporary base (an abandoned building) in one piece, with Kanbei. When Rikichi asks about Katsushiro, Kanbei says it’s a good opportunity to learn who he is.

Katsushiro and Kikuchiyo finally take down the attackers, but not after being battered completely themselves. Masamune sees them, and Kiku asks to be fixed.

Ukyo is all jittery when he gets home, saying that samurai attacked them. His dad says no one will dare touch him, being Ayamaro’s son. When his dad leaves, he suddenly loses the jitters. He says he wants the mechanical samurai out of commission, and wants Kirara even more.

Masamune, Kiku in a cart, and Katsu meet a traveling entertainer, Katayama Gorobei. He says he used to be a samurai, but now uses the war skills for his act. Katsu hates his impudence (how dare he use such honorable skills for such a low thing as a traveling act), but Masamune tells Katsu tells him to calm down and enjoy the show.

A crowd collects around the group. Gorobei hands Katsu a bow and tells him to shoot at him directly to the forehead. He will try to catch the bow before it kills him. A very nervous Katsu declares that samurai shouldn’t take life needlessly, but Gorobei moves in closer. Katsu releases. Gorobei catches the arrow at the very last moment, ending up with a crazy look on him.

Ayamaro states that Kikuchiyo is a non-standardized, custom-made model of mechanical samurai (erm, so Chobits, ne?). He tells Tessai to tell Ukyo to mind his place and forget about Kirara.

Katsu and Kiku made it back to base. Katsu gives back the water crystal then bows to Kirara, saying he failed her and would not be able to protect a village. Kirara says it’s okay, he did his best. Kiku then shouts at Kanbei to go with the farmers, saying samurai would not know how much work had to be done for the rice they were eating, reminding him that the 3 farmers were eating only rice soup while they ate whole bowls of rice. He then strikes at Kanbei, but Kanbei blocks Kikuchiyo’s sword in his hands. Kiku did not give him time to talk, Kanbei says. He accepts the offer, saying he does not want to waste the rice. Much happiness among the assembled group. Masumune declares, they finally caught a samurai.

Kanbei is shown the map of the village. He studies it while Katsu keeps calling him “sensei” as he tries to give suggestions. But Kanbei says he will not bring along Kikuchiyo and Katsushiro with him to the village. He wants real samurai. Kiku stomps off to bed, and Katsu lowers his head. Meanwhile, Kanbei says he needs 7 samurai including himself, not the elder’s allotted 4. Kirara quickly proposes to start looking for the other 6. Masamune says he knows an interesting samurai.

Masamune comes back with Gorobei. But before they enter, Kanbei gives Katsu a piece of wood, telling him to get ready to attack the arriving samurai from behind a wall. Gorobei stops just at the right moment, and says ‘You’re kidding’ (I’m not falling for that trick). Kanbei approves.

Kanbei gives Gorobei the lowdown on the offer, and he accepts. But not because of sympathy or rice. He just wants to fight along with Kanbei.

An arrow passes through the hideout, but Gorobei catches it before it hits Kanbei. He says he noted the change in the smell of the air, and noted it with Katsu and Kiku as well during their fight.

The full defense begins, and we see Gorobei start showing his full skill as he defends against Ayamaro’s henchmen. Masamune then explains about Ukyo being Ayamaro’s son, and Ayamaro being manager of Kougakyo.


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