episode 06

Episdode 6 — Let’s go! / Leave it to me!

Tessai checks the murder scene, and concludes that the imperial messenger was killed with the sword left on the scene, then died due to massive loss of blood. Ukyto takes up the sword from its place on the mat, but Tessai says to leave it, for evidence. Ayamaro tells Ukyo to leave the scene already. Tessai notes that the assassination was done by an expert, but why did the man leave the sword? Ayamaro comments, who uses swords now? Only samurai — so catch samurai! Kyuzo reacts almost imperceptively, but we can see he’s starting to be seriously concerned. As Ayamaro and the bodyguards leave, Ukyo notes: aren’t the 2 also samurai?

The samurai manhunt begins. Guards are spread throughout Kougakyo and they begin to snuff out the ronin. The ronin of course fight and run against it.

An official bulletin is shown around the city that the imperial messenger was killed by a samurai. A reward of 10 bushels of rice would be given for information and 100 bushels for capture of the suspect. Also, all samurai were to be captured dead or alive.

The men of the gang listen to this with concern. Heihachi grins and says he can eat a lot of rice with that reward. When Rikichi expresses his worry, Gorobei tells him that in times like this, it is best to just laugh.

Kikuchiyo has been caught along with other ronin, and is noisy about it. He says to the other ronin that he was caputred on purpose, and declares that they will all escape, as long as they do something for him. Kiku then destroys the wooden bars and makes a run for it, all samurai prisoners running behind him. He takes his sword, takes down the robot front guard and escapes with the other ronin.

The men return to the girls, having no luck with new samurai, because of the samurai hunt. Kiku then arrives with the escaped samurai, and presents them to Kanbei as possible recruits. But Kanbei calls them all useless. The ronin, irritated, draw swords. Kanbei takes them down in rapid succession, and proves his point: they are all useless. Masamune threatens Kanbei with a grin: Kyuzo’s group will come hunting after you now.

The gang meet at the workshop and start planning their escape. Masamune suggests that they use an elevator train, an old freight train connecting areas above and below the city. Kanbei agres reluctantly, seeing no other alternative. Rikichi packs up and asks Kirara and Komachi if they can really find samurai at this rate. Komachi says yes the way her sister would, and sticks her tongue out.

Katsu as well as Kiku are allowed to go, so as not to get Masamune in trouble (since both have already said they are samurai). Kiku offers to take rear guard, saying he wants to get back his honor (from his previous embarrassment). Hei just says, that’s the spirit of a true samurai. Guards therefore arrive to find the workshop deserted.

The gang follows behind Masamune, underground through a series of pipes. At the end of the route, Hei kindly catches Komachi and Kirara…….then Kiku, getting flattened in the process. Elsewhere, guards get info about the freight train escape.

Masamune makes Heihachi follow him to the train. Gorobei and Kikuchiyo walk to the back, in time to see guards coming. Masamune himself is not convinced that the train would still work, but Hei assures him, that since they were heading downward, they can manage. Gorobei and Kiku manage to stop guards in time by shutting the large door, as the rest of the gang get in the train.

Kanbei then ties up Masamune, so he has an excuse that he was forced to help them. Kiku then gives him a good kick out. Masamune, of course, says he’ll pay for that kick eventually. Kiku gets off to ward away the guards while Hei releases the train. Kiku jumps on at the last moment. More guards are warned to the area, while the train starts its descent. Masamune wishes success.

More guards trail after them. Katsushiro is told to stay with the civilians. Kanbei borrows Hei’s cable-winding thingy to separate the engine from the rest of the train. Kanbei gives one end of the cable to Kiku while he tries to ward off more guards along with Gorobei. He returns the other end to Hei.

Guards are waiting below, and activate bombs on the tracks. Kiku makes Gorobei go down with the others to the engine while he keeps fighting off guards. Kanbei tells Katsu and the farmers they will jump off very soon, much to their shock.

Everyone jumps off to a deck just in time, thanks to Kiku’s efforts winding the cable and keeping the engine close enough to the deck. But Kiku does not get off the train. He finishes off the tin cans as the train derails, shouting for Kanbei to take care of the farmers no matter what. A big explosion occurs at the bottom, and there is no way of knowing if Kiku survived.

Kanbei turns his back, and says they’re going. Katsu reacts– that’s not like him. Kanbei just says, he has stepped over the corpses of others before. Hearing this, the veterans also start walking. But Komachi stops Kanbei, as she starts to cry for bot-sama.


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