episode 08

Episode 8 — Anger! / Get angry!

Shikimoribito watch the gang as they arrive on a boat. Behind them are Ukyo’s group. Tessai warns Ukyo that tracking them beyond the limits is a breech of agrement with the Shikimoribito. But Tessai is too late to stop Ukyo from shooting an arrow at the boat. It hits Katsushiro on the thigh. Tessai tells Ukyo they will run into trouble if they hit any Shikimoribito. It is in their power to burn Kougakyou to ashes if they wanted. They retreat. Gorobei meanwhile pulls out the arrow.

Kanbei tells Shichiroji they have no choice but to continue to the off limits area, the area beyond what Roji knows. All of them are surprised to see the remnants of a Honmaru battleship within the cave.

We are given a short view of Shikimoribito at work, in and around the old battleship, moving around batteries and rice. Katsu starts to get a fever. Nonetheless, he insists that the gang go on to Kanna village. Kirara won’t have it, saying they have to stop and treat Katsu first.

But Rikichi looks on the Shikimoribito fields, and sees rice, lots of it. Despite pleas to come back, he gets off the boat and walks to the harvesting area, transfixed. Eventually he is noticed by overhead cameras with guns, and he is blocked by a group of Shikimoribito. A little beyond where Rikichi stops, normal people are seen harvesting things from trees. Rikichi takes a handful of grain growing just under a few inches of water. A young woman, Honoka, tells him to return the rice, they can’t waste a grain. When Gorobei catches up with Rikichi, Honoka asks if Gorobei is a samurai. He says he is, as the rest of the gang appear. Noting the rather fearful face on the young woman, Gorobei says that while he calls himself a samurai, he’s actually an entertainer, and does a little disappearing trick with a lizard. Everybody calms down.

Ayamaro shows the battery collection area to Ukyo. The batteries would eventually go to the capital. While Ukyo complains that it was a dirty place, Ayamaro explains that not just anyone can create and make those batteries. Thus, they deal with Shikimoribito for the batteries. Tessai informs Ukyo that he will take over while his father is away at the capital. That was why Ayamaro showed the area to Ukyo. It is a vital electricity point.

Rikichi gives the short story of why the samurai were recruited. In turn Honoka tells them how she was taken from her village, like the other people in the Shikimoribito territory. Shikimoribito let them live, and in exchange they make rice for them.

The gang is allowed to stay at a house. Honoka then slips out and sends a messenger lizard somewhere with a note in its tongue.

Poor Katsu can’t sleep from the pain, is sweating terribly, and still has a fever. From a hole in the roof a dart is aimed at him, and it hits. Roji runs after the shooter, and finds it to be a Shikimoribito. But Kanbei comes around and says that the dart is a medicinal needle with antibiotic. Katsu looks fine soon after. Katsu as usual acts brave and says he’ll soon be ready to fight. Kanbei tells him that he always tries to be a man, when he really must be mortified. Katsu should stay that way. He points out that the girls are thankful, so should a samurai. Kanbei then announces that Katsu is samurai number 5. Much congratulations goes around.

Kikuchiyo somewhat bitterly tells Kanbei that it’s good what he did for Katsu, so he can get well soon. Kanbei asks him: why do you want to be a samurai? He says he will keep his promise to help the village, therefore Kiku should go back to his life. But Kiku keeps insisting: I am a samurai!

Rikichi helps Honoka with her harveting, and invites her to come to his village, saying that the samurai will protect it. Gorobei comes over and chides him about trying to get a wife using samurai as an excuse. Honoka tells them both that she has no family left, except her little sister.

A heavy noice is heard, seriously affecting the farmers and Kiku, reminding them of previous Nobuseri invasions. True enough, a Nobuseri enters Shikimoribito territory with a few tin cans. The gang is bypassed, unseen. Rikichi, however, starts going ballistic. He wants the samurai to kill the Nobuseri. Honoka says no, Nobuseri are business customers of the Shikimoribito. Rice is exchanged for batteries. The Shikimoribito told the refugees to not make the Nobuseri angry. Still annoyed that nobody wants to take action, Rikichi takes Gorobei’s sword and charges desperately.

Gorobei catches up to Rikichi and stops him, getting back his sword. Rikichi breaks down. He sold his wife to Nobuseri. His wife voluntarily went with the Nobuseri to save the village. He was a coward to just let it happen. He cries to Honoka, is she okay with that arrangement with the Nobuseri, does she want to live so badly? Honoka quietely asks: what should we have done? As the Nobuseri just passes them over again, Rikichi screams out.

The lizard reaches one tin can, with its message.

Kanbei asks for the name of Rikichi’s wife. He then promises that they will get Sanae back.

Gorobei notices that Kiku is gone. He followed after the Nobuseri, then Komachi followed after him! They almost get caught when the robot scans the area behind him before leaving. Komachi tells her bot-sama that she because he always does something reckless, she worries about him. Kiku tells her that an independent and real samurai must do something honorable, especially after hearing about Rikichi’s problem. By the time Kirara comes around to ask about Komachi, she had been brought back.

Kiku meanwhile reaches a cave entrance. He is met by Hyougo and Kyuzo.


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