episode 09

Episode 9 — In half! / Cut into two!

The rice is already ready to harvest, and the farmers are getting hopeless. There is still no word from the threesome. But the elder tells them not to reap yet; once they reap Nobuseri will come. Leave the rice until samurai come. Nobuseri cannot force them to reap.

A short dream sequence on how Honoka lost her little sister. Nobuseri torched the village and killed many of the villagers, then Honoka was taken by a tin can.

Kanbei figures that getting out must be pretty simple, and should not require a guide. However, Honoka tells the gang that there are many passages in the Shikimoribito territory, and makes them follow her to the outside. Shichiroji teases that Kanbei is much like Kiku in stubborness, that’s why he’s lovable, Kiku, that is.

The sisters discuss Katsu while he finally sleeps, about not smeling a war on him at the beginning, and being not scary at all. Despite what you might think, Kirara still talks about Katsu with some detachment.

As they get out of the cave, the gang is ambushed by tin cans and Nobuseri. Gorobei stays with Rikichi and Honoka, despite Rikichi’s pleas to help out, and the other three veterans form a circle around the civilians. The Nobuseri confirms thay they are the samurai hired by the farmers. Kanbei says they gave up the pride of being samurai when they became Nobuseri. The mecha retorts that the hired samurai were bought for rice and live in disgrace. The veterans (Kanbei, Roji, Hei, Gorobei) start the attack as Shikimoribito watch on, and all of them handle their part of the field very well. It is the first time Rikichi really sees what the four could do, and he is astounded.

Hyougo comes in and shoots Kanbei on the shoulder. The Nobuseri steadies his cannon at Kanbei and Shichiroji, but Kyuzo suddenly appears and slices the Nobuseri into many pieces, and saves them. He tells Kanbei: I’ll be the man to slash you. Hyougo fires at Kyuzo for the treason, but Kanbei slices at the cannon shot. Another Nobuseri tells Hyougo to retreat for now.

Kanbei comments that they tested them. He reminds Kyuzo that he can no longer go back to his comrades. He tells the gang to let him go, as Kyuzo walks away.

While the samurai recover from the fight, Rikichi compliments them. Kanbei just bitterly comments that they can’t beat a firearm, that many comrades died because of that. Discussion among the four begins, how they didn’t expect the attack, and why did Ayamaro’s henchmen know THAT exit? All four are united in driving at Honoka being the reason. Rikichi defends her against the samurai. Before things could get ugly, a few Shikimoribito come in and explain. It’s true Honoka is a spy, but she didn’t set them up. Heihachi, unusually serious and obviously beginning to boil, spells it out plainly, that she was secretly communicating with the Nobuseri.

Elsewhere in the battleship used by Hyougo’s group, Kiku makes noise, while tied up and suspended upside down. He says Hyougo is pathetic being a samurai with a gun. The Nobuseri Soubei gives out that he knows Kyuzo is “a dog from the city” and that a spy gave the information. But while Hyougo’s current policy is to kill off enemies, he does not kill Kikuchiyo. He’ll be useful later, he says.

The Shikimoribito explain that the Nobuseri are trying to regain control of the batteries, that’s why they got Honoka to spy for them. They let her go on with it without interference, thus they were able to make sure of those plans. Honoka then explains that the Nobuseri said her sister wouldn’t be touched if she followed orders. When Kanbei asks, she admits telling the Nobuseri that they were going to Kanna village.

Katsu gets up and dresses, and tells the girls he’s going after the veterans. He must repay Kanbei’s kindness.

With a hand ready to draw his sword and to chop Honoka’s head off, Heihachi asks what they should do. Rikichi goes between Hei and Honoka. When Hei protests that she might betray them again, the Shikimoribito tells them not to worry, especially about the Shikimoribito. Kanbei assures Honoka that they will get back her sister, and tells Heihachi that judgment is not a samurai’s job.

In the field just beyond where the gang is, Kyuzo and Hyougo face off. Hyougo asks why he is so obsessed with the samurai. While the gang looks on, Hyougo promises he won’t tell the lord about the breech, if Kyuzo would just come back with him. Kiku is dragged onto the field, and the veterans attack, taking down all comers. Kiku brags to Hyougo that taking a hostage won’t work for those guys, because they’re samurai. Hyougo makes another deal with Kyuzo: if you want to fight him then do it while I see it. If Kanbei is killed Hyougo won’t tell, if Kyuzo is killed Hyougo will kill Kanbei.

After a few tense seconds, Katsu jumps in from above to release Kikuchiyo. Kyuzo slices at Hyougo’s gun and strikes at Hyougo, the veterans attack, finally Kiku helps out Katsu with a tin can.

Hyougo, with a large wound to the abdomen, tells the group that Soubei was heading to the main shrine. He asks Kyuzo why he did it. Kyuzo answers: It made me feel like I was alive. Hyougo calls him an idiot, and dies.

Kanbei invites Kyuzo to come with them, as they leave right away. Honoka will stay in Shikimoribito territory and wait for them. Everybody seems to be okay with Kyuzo coming, but Kirara objects. The man is our enemy.

The Nobuseri go to Kanna village with the rumor that they hired samurai. The elder denies it. The man who speaks to them says that the boss decided to give them time. The farmers should appreciate the generority, and the capital will know the truth eventually.


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