Subbed or dubbed?

Watch it subtitled. The voice acting is excellent. Besides, it’s quite a treat hearing all the -sama’s and -dono’s in the original version. There have been good things said about the dubbed version for the DVD, however do yourself a favor and run Samurai 7 at least once in the original language. The Animax dub is passable, but could be better.

Where do I get this anime?

FUNimation handles DVD distribution in the States. The Independent Film Channel aired it for America. Animax aired it for Asia and Latin America. There are also Italian, Portuguese, and German versions.

Why does FUNimation use -sama, -dono, and -san in their ENGLISH dub?

It’s like this. The seven samurai have a slight ranking system among themselves, and this is best shown in the honorifics they use for each other. This can never be properly shown in English, because there is no equivalent for it. Therefore I honor their decision to keep the honorifics, even if it sounds just a bit awkward.

Is Samurai 7 based on manga?

Nope, it’s based on Akira Kurosawa’s movie Seven Samurai.

There are, however, manga spin-offs of the Samurai 7 anime, one a basic retelling of the series, and the other a reworked version that changes all the characters (this is the one released by Del Rey).

Is it true that………happens in the end?

We suggest that you watch for yourself how it all ends. What happens to each of the seven samurai at the end of the movie still happens. However, it happens differently from the way things happened in the movie, since the anime went on a different plotline past episode 17.

Sorry, but who is Akira Kurosawa, please?

What Osamu Tezuka is to manga and Hayao Miyazaki is to anime, Akira Kurosawa is to films. He took filmaking to a whole new level. His movies are classics worldwide. Very few movies then and now rival the grand scale and quality of his work. Samurai 7 is very loosely based on his movie Seven Samurai.

Oh-oh. It’s based on an old movie!

Don’t worry, you’ll understand Samurai 7 without seeing the movie Seven Samurai. It even helps that you don’t see the movie first, because you will feel the anime’s full impact and would not compare all the changes from the movie it is based on.

What is Gonzo, again?

Studio Gonzo is best known for its great work with 3D-CGI animation. Among their famous anime are GateKeepers, Vandread, Last Exile, Gankutsuou (The Count of Monte Cristo), and Trinity Blood among many others.

Why is Episode 7 so much like an Animatrix short?

Episode 7 is when Kanbei meets Shichiroji again and recruits him, and is notorious for having such scratchy animation. Evidently very few animators were working on it. Also, a different director was leading during creation of that episode, and he was aiming for a different animation style.

What do you call that thing at the end of Heihachi’s sword?

It’s called a teruterubuzou, a weather doll. A white cloth is wrapped over a small ball (the head), then the doll is suspended over a window. Generally the Japanese use it as a good luck charm for good weather the next day.

What are the titles of the songs?

The opening song is “Unlimited”, sung by Nanase Aikawa, and the ending song is “Fuhen”, by Rin.

In the opening and ending credits, why are the character names all in katakana if they are all Japanese?

Katakana is often used for foreign names and terms. We guess katakana was used for the characters because the director is emphasizing that Samurai 7 is not set in history, but in some weird sci-fi future of their making. This could be a different PLANET for all we know. These are different, original characters inspired by the movie’s characters.


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