Some of these links may no longer be working (it’s been a few years since the original version of this site was made), my apologies.

General Information: (Official English site by FUNimation, Flash not required, fast connection helpful)

Official website by Gonzo (Japanese, requires Flash and a fast connection)

Samurai 7 on IFC (requires Flash; has official FUNimation summaries for all episodes)

Samurai 7 official Australia site(requires Flash) mini site (nice info on locations and other adaptations) page (excellent character profiles)

Anime News Network
(Official information, seiyuu, English and foreign langauge casts)

Samurai 7
Livejournal community
(for random things and new developments)

Yumira’s Room (Japanese all-out fansite. News, cosplay, fanart, links to many other fansites)

Samurai 7 Search (The master compiler of Japanese Samurai 7 fansites and shrines)


Wikipedia for: Akira Kurosawa, The Seven Samurai movie (semi-spoiler), Samurai 7 (semi-spoiler!)

Senses of Cinema for Akira Kurosawa and The Seven Samurai (Summary
and discussion of the original movie. Semi-spoiler.)

Seven Samurai film notes
(Comprehensive discussion of the original movie. FULL SPOILER; do NOT go here if you haven’t seen the anime’s ending.)


Samurai 7 FL

Katsushiro Okamoto FL
Kanbei-sama FL
Frozen Sun (Kyuzo)
Heihachi Fans Anonymous LiveJournal community
Electric Blue (Kyuzo LiveJournal community) (Kanbei and Kyuuzo)
Samurai 7 Yahoo Group


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