age estimates

Please remember that this is just an educated guess by a group of people at the S7 LiveJournal community. But we do hope it is useful to all of you.

Kanbei — early 40’s

Gorobei — late 30’s to early 40’s (not older than Kanbei, maybe as old)

Heihachi — mid-20’s to early 30’s (as old as Kyuzo give or take)

Shichiroji — mid to late 30’s (not older than Gorobei, maybe as old as Rikichi, older than Kyuzo and Heihachi)

Katsushiro — 16-20 years old

Kyuzo — mid 20’s to early 30’s (not older than Shichiroji)

Kikuchiyo — mid-20’s to mid-30’s (NOT 13 years old, thank you! Likely as old as Rikichi, not younger than Honoka)

Kirara – 16 -19 years old

Komachi – 7-9 years old

Rikichi — mid-30’s

Sanae — mid-30’s (as old as her husband)

Ukyo — early to mid-20’s

Yukino — early to mid-30’s

Honoka — mid-20’s to exactly 30

Mizuki — 16-20 years old


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