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Questions I’ve seen pop up for the fandom, sorta-kinda answered. For the record, the admin is NOT a fan of shonen-ai.  ^^;;

How many years has it been since the war ended?

5 years. Yukino mentioned this in episode 7.

Can the events in episode 25 and 26 be undone?

Strictly speaking, no. This is because there is undeniable evidence. We SEE it happen.

But anything is possible in a well-made fanfic. ^^V  Many fanfic writers have desperately tried to find a loophole for the most popular case.

What kind of machinery is plausible to have in their world?

Anything that moves with gears, batteries, electricity, steam, gasoline, or pneumatics (anything you can visualize Heihachi or Masamune being able to fix) is fine. Lasers are also okay, but go easy. Telecommunication, however, is a tricky thing, because they still use letter carriers and message boards, but also have computers. They seem to have GPS, but no Internet.

Where do our characters come from?

From different ends of their planet, or very different regions of the same continent. Katsushiro, Kikuchiyo, Yukino, and our farmers are the equivalent of Asian. Kanbei and Gorobei are quite Hispanic. Shichiroji, Heihachi (redhaired Irish?), and Kyuzo are portrayed as Caucasian.

Were any of the samurai married?

Except for Katsushiro, I don’t see why not. However, since they are all wandering around now, one can only surmise that their wives are dead, if there were any, or (save for Yukino) the girlfriends have dumped them.

When did Shichiroji get his metal arm?

After the war ended, during the time already with Yukino.

Is Shichiroji married to Yukino?

The best way to describe their situation is that they are live-in partners. Yukino frankly says she is not his wife. You see, Yukino is a yuujo — a courtesan, to be nice about it. She is not a geisha, because unlike geisha, Yukino ties her obi in front of her. Yuujo, taiyuu, and oiran engage in sexual contact, but geisha don’t.

If the Hotaruya is a geisha-run inn, how does Shichiroji get to stay there, being a guy?

A man may be allowed to stay at an inn or teahouse operated by geishas and courtesans, if he acts as the guard (bouncer, if you will) for it. Roji-san is allowed to stay both as principal guard of the inn and as part-time entertainer.

How in the world does Shichiroji fix his hair?

I have no idea either (super-hold gel? string? hair attachment?), but several fan artists have a few ideas, if you look around for them. Many have also been guessing what that handsome guy would look with his hair down. ^_^

When did Kyuzo start working for Ayamaro?

We have no idea based on the anime, so that’s up for speculation in fanfiction.

Could Katsushiro be a girl in disguise?

There have been fandom speculation to that effect, and I can’t blame them for thinking that way. It does open up possibilities for a certain kind of thinking. However, episodes 7, 8 and 17 prove to us that Katsushiro is flat-chested; therefore it is the intention of the animators that Katsu be a male. Female seiyuu voicing for teenaged anime males is a common occurrence, so that is no basis for assumption.

Kanbei x Kirara?

Um, this one is based on the anime, hinted at many times. If you don’t see fanfics about it, it’s simply because the fanfic writers want Kirara to be with Katsushiro!

Kyuzo x Kirara?

People use episode 10 to justify this. Kyuzo was unusually nice to Kirara while they were together with Shichiroji, en route to Kanna. In turn, Kirara was nice enough to patch up his jacket once they got to Kanna.

Heihachi x Honoka?

Well, I’ve done it. ^^V In my opinion that’s more plausible than Kirara or Shino falling for Hei-san, yes? It takes a little work, but it’s sweet when it happens. This is based on the tension found in episode 9.

Kanbei x Kyuzo?

As one member pointed out, this is “almost canon”. Major basis for this are episode 4 (where they first meet and fight), the reactions on both sides in episode 5, and episode 25. Fangirls work from there. Majority of shonen-ai fanart and fanfics have this pairing.

Kanbei x Shichiroji?

Considering that they used to be partners, and trust each other, I suppose it’s plausible, and “almost canon”. Many very good shonen-ai fanart of this pairing is around, and there is a Japanese website compiling sites with fanfics for the pairing.

Kyuzo x Heihachi?

This one seems to be quite popular among Japanese fans, second only to Kyuzo with Kanbei (^^;;;). I’m not exactly sure where that comes from, considering Heihachi didn’t talk to him for a long time, although I guess I understand it. Both have a dark past, both need someone to understand them.

Any other pairings that you know about?

I have seen Japanese sites of Kyuzo x Katsushiro. Roji has been paired with Hei as well. There are several sites with pictures of Kyuzo with Hyougo, and Kyuzo with one of those other henchmen under Ukyo. Many people have also been itching to match Kikuchiyo with Komachi, but have had difficulty finding a decent way to do it. There is one Japanese website that entertains the possibility that Heihachi and Gorobei know each other from many years ago.

Who is “Nasami”?

Among the many original characters already created to be with our seven guys, one fanfic writer has made it her mission to create the EIGHTH, hidden samurai, and she’s a woman. Nasami is currently one of the best created OC’s, with a convincing backstory and a more convincing love triangle between herself, Kanbei, and Kyuzo. You can read The Sword of the Soul here.


2 responses

10 02 2013

Do you know where I can find some Kanbei x Kyuzo ficery or doujinshi? :O

10 02 2013

Sorry for not being very helpful, but you can probably try at or for the fics, and pixiv for the doujin. It was a rather popular pairing back then so you may still be able to find some. All the best to your search!

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