gorobeiKatayama Gorobei is introduced as a traveling entertainer, who uses his skills with many weapons in his acts. Putting his life on the line is how he gets his thrills. But when Kanbei comes around and gives him a chance to fight as a samurai again, he takes up the offer. Being another hardened veteran of several wars, he knew Kanbei by reputation. He is an expert at several weapons, but often uses daggers, a bow and arrows, or a staff. He is not reckless as a fighter, but relishes the dangers of the fight. His weapon of choice is a staff. He is best known for the crew cut.

One word describes him well: confidence. In a group composed of confident men, that’s saying a lot. He never doubts himself. He believes in his comrades. He knows he can be relied on what he does best. It’s a confidence that he is born with, then it just got honed and improved as an entertainer for a living.

Several episodes in the anime might make you think of him having homosexual tendencies, but he seems to take it all in as part of the job, and not as a way of life.

To him, all the world is a stage, and everyone merely players. He is an actor who plays his part well, one who will remembered beyond curtain call.


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