kikuchiyoWe agree with Komachi. Despite how boisterous he is, Kikuchiyo is a nice guy at heart, quite kind and caring.

Kiku is not exactly a robot, not exactly a human, not exactly a samurai. You see, he is a mechanical samurai, one of those robots who have a human soul inside — much like a Nobuseri but normal size. To prove this, many times in the series his head is separated from his body. He makes up for his insecure status by making his presence known in a grand way, anywhere he is. He makes big sweeping movements and talks loudly.

He is a big tin man with a big heart. Little kids are drawn to him, and he likes playing with them. He is the staunchest defender to Kanbei of any member of their party. He will help anyone who needs it, even if it means risking his head for it.  His weapon of choice is a modified katana. He is best known for, erm, the missing head routine. He is usually seen with his mechanic, Masamune, or with Kirara’s sister Komachi.

What he only needs from people is a little respect. He is desperate for it, and will forcibly ask for it, in the way he insists that he is a samurai, treats people rudely, and takes risky tasks.  When he is given respect, he returns it fourfold.

I also like it that he tells it as it is, without fear of what people may say. At least, you know he isn’t trying to trick you. He forces others to be true to themselves, the way he wants to be true to himself.

He WOULD make a good husband for a certain kind of woman — yeah, the kind named Komachi– the kind who could stand up to his noisy ways, see beyond the bad parts and remember the good. It would make for quite a lively household, that’s for sure. But it would be a house full of love.


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