kyuu01Kyuuzou (either spelling is fine, but this is the correct way to say it) is first introduced with Hyougo, 2 of the elite bodyguards for Ukyo’s father Ayamaro. But after meeting Kanbei in a duel, something makes him decide to quit working for Ukyo’s family and join the group. His weapon of choice is a modified kodachi (two-sword). He is best known for the yellow hair and the silent treatment.

Kyuzo has the distinction in the fandom as the angsty silent handsome guy that girls go nuts over, and want to pair with males and females alike. ^^;;  For such a quiet guy, he has inspired the most fanart and the most fanfiction of all the seven.

With good reason, of course. He’s tall (taller than most of them, at least), dark (he has so many secrets about him!), and handsome (I need not say more). He’s an excellent swordsman. His sense of right is intact. He does not have to talk to get the job done. He does not care about the opinions of others. But he is not made of stone. When he dislikes anything, you will see it on his face, even if very slightly.

What really made him join the group? Was it a sense of justice? Was he eager to hone his skills more in combat? Was he just plain fed up with Ayamaro and Ukyo? Was he intrigued by Kanbei (as most of the fangirls would have it)?

Whatever his reason, he stood by it, until the end. And that’s why he owns our pens, pencils, paper, brushes, and computers.


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