OKAMOTO Katsushiro

katsu01Okamato Katsushiro is the youngest samurai in the bunch, just a teenager and very idealistic. He is actually the very first one introduced, a nice young man who helps out our group of farmers when they are robbed in town. But Kirara says that he does not smell of a war (meaning, he has no real experience), and moves on to Kanbei. He decides to tag along anyway, and prove that he is a samurai. He becomes useful to the group, acting as bodyguard to the civilians while the veterans deal with the bad guys. Kanbei eventually recruits him as one of the seven. His weapon of choice is a katana. Best known for being, erm, always asking about Kirara-dono!

Many fans have a tendency to dislike Katsu-noji. For all his bravado, he doesn’t deliver in most cases. He gets beat up very easily. He is very idealistic, and gets disappointed when his ideals don’t work in a given situation. And his face is so sincere, any emotion he feels shows plainly.

But I still like him. No one can deny that he is loyal to a fault. He is brave enough to at least try and fight, where other rookies of lesser stuff might have gone back home. He does try his best to be helpful, even if it means just guarding Kirara. Finally, his misguided love of the samurai code stems from a real desire to be helpful to others, not to brag about the title (like some of the lesser samurai shown in the series).

I also like it that he doesn’t beat around the bush. He likes Kirara, he shows it in his actions, and he tells her. However he does not force himself on her.  If it happens that she likes him back, then it happens. If it doesn’t…it doesn’t mean he will not protect her if she needs it.

A gentleman in training, but a gentleman all the same.


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