shichirojiShichiroji is cool without being cocky, confident without being boastful. He’s debonair without being a Don Juan. That’s why we like him.

Shichiroji is best known for his impossible three-way propeller of a ponytail and the prosthetic left hand/shield/cable-and-hook ensemble. He is the only one without a sword, preferring a staff that draws out to turn into a spear. He was Kanbei’s partner during the war period, the pilot of the cruisers Kanbei rode on to slice mecha. He disappeared for a while after the war ended, and is introduced living in the Hotaruya (Firefly House) within the pleasure district of Kougakyo. There he kept up his skills acting as bodyguard for the inn, a major status letdown similar to being ronin. Not that it bothered him.

Shichiroji is a player, no doubt about that. He likes women, and teases them once in a while (respectfully, of course!). However, he is the type of player you are quite sure will get married once he meets the right girl. Of course, we know that he already has, in Yukino. Their relationship is rather odd (They’re not married, but it’s okay with him), but sweet. They have reached that level where public display of affection is no longer necessary, but the intensity of the romance is still present.

What about his relationship to his “old wife”, Kanbei? It is a relationship based on mutual trust. He knows what Kanbei can do, and backs him up. In turn, Kanbei leaves him to handle things he is fully capable of.

But I like Roji-san best for being the unofficial peacekeeper of the group. Without imposing himself on anybody, he somehow manages to keep people from getting at each other’s throats (like Kanbei with Kikuchiyo, for example). Without his level-headedness, who knows what Kiku might have done to Kanbei, or what Heihachi might have done in a fit of rage. He keeps the temperature low enough to keep anyone from boiling over.

*  Shichiroji’s “Momotaro” nickname stems from a Japanese legend about a boy “born” from inside a large peach (Momotaro translates as “Peach-Taro”). The boy grows up and does brave and wonderful things.


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