kanbee1Ah, Kanbei-sama. The target of much fangirl love. We wish he would settle down already with somebody. We have our favorites on who it should be. But we all agree. The guy needs a partner for life.

Shimada Kanbei is introduced when he helped out a merchant family with a samurai on a rampage. Kirara knew immediately that this was the samurai her village needed, and she was right to trust in him.

He is a hardened and wisened veteran of several previous wars, acting as a general of troops in the last one. However, the poor man always worked for the losing side (not his fault, though). He is a man who already knows the hard realities of being a samurai, but still firmly believes in its code and ideals. Therefore he has a tendency to the martyr complex, doing things by himself so as not to get people involved. As Katsushiro’s master of sorts, he does not hide his imperfections, and he shows the strengths and weaknesses of the samurai code objectively. As himself, his sword skills are almost legendary, his ingenuity in tight scrapes is incredible, and his name is both feared and revered far and wide. His weapon of choice is a katana. He is best known for having such nice wavy long hair that stays in place — even in the heat of a fight!

We’re all afraid he would keep on with the life he had for the longest time: alone, wandering, brooding about the past. We’re afraid that someday, despite all the good he had done in the world, he would die a lonely death, forgotten by everyone.

We all want him to find peace in himself. We all feel that he would not find it by walking the world, or leading other men to victory. Someday he would find someone to settle him in one place. That someone would make him stay there and have a good life, free from troubles, and looking to the future without apprehension.

If the man could just PLEASE be more true to himself in ordinary life, as he is in battle. ….and chose our favorite…..


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